January 20, 2021

Yorkton line up behind a local member of Team Canada

Jordan, Sask. – Jordan’s Kaitan Korsak team up for Canada at this year’s IIHF World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in Edmonton, and the community is rallying behind him ahead of the gold medal game.

“My family and friends, their support has always been incredible, and then people who love the whole community, people I know or know about us or even know about the arrest, have shown their support in a variety of ways,” said Caitlin’s mother, Tricia Korsak.

Yorkton Minor Hockey has set up a sign on Broadway Street showing support for their alumni, but Korsak support doesn’t stop there.

“[Kaedan’s] As every day, congratulations to the people who are calling and texting and sending messages and videos and good luck, yes, it’s so awesome, ”Trishia added.

Jared Stoll, a Yorkton minor hockey player and past world juniors captain, is one of the names that sent words of encouragement to Corsack in the Edmonton bubble.

Korsak’s father, Chad, says it was “very exciting” to see his son at the tournament.

“It’s very special, you know, growing up in Yorkton for him and playing his little hockey here in Yorkton, which is so exciting,” Chad said.

“You know, I think it’s not that promising, but they can build it for young children and young players in small communities.”

Mayor Mitch Hipsley says mobilizing the community of Korsak over the past few weeks has brought much needed brilliance.

“It completely eliminates all negativity and brings back all the positives and motivates everyone,” Hipsley commented.

Graham Garrett, a coach from Korsak’s minor hockey and midget days, was thought to have cheered on his first players to play in international competitions, but instead had to support from a distance.

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“He finds that he inspires a lot of people and makes people across the community proud of what he has achieved,” Garrett said.

Buck drops for the gold medal match between Canada and the United States on Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. You can watch the championship game on DSN.