July 5, 2022

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Yer Lapit’s report on Algeria-Iran relations contains “accurate information”

Thursday, August 26, 2021 Written by the editorial staff with MAP

Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hassan Kaiba said in a statement issued at a conference in Morocco two weeks ago that Israeli Foreign Minister Yir Labid had “accurate information” about Algeria’s relations with Iran.

Includes Yir Lapit's report on Algeria-Iran relations "Accurate information"
“Since the beginning of the Arab Spring, Algeria has become a route for terrorist movements at the instigation of Iran,” he said in a statement to the Gaidar electronic site Madar21.

“Algerian-Iranian cooperation is of concern to us, especially as Iran must infiltrate all countries,” the spokesman confirmed, referring to the destruction of Iranian operations in the Middle East and the emergence of terrorism, especially in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

In this sense, he noted, “Iran continues to interfere in the affairs of African countries, including Algeria.”

Regarding Algeria’s announcement to sever diplomatic relations with Morocco, Mr. Kaiba said it was “a matter between two countries connected by borders and ancestral relations.”

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