September 30, 2022

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With the new “Green Visa”, Emirates is easing their residency requirements

The United Arab Emirates announced on Sunday the launch of the “Green Visa”, which will allow beneficiaries to live and work in the country without the support of their employer, which aims to attract “highly qualified” foreigners and boost the economy.

Prior to green visas, foreign workers residing in the Emirates – representing 90% of the 10 million people in the wealthy Gulf country – are usually issued short-term visas attached to their employer as their sponsor (guarantor). .

Foreign Minister Thani al-Jiudi has said that the “green visa” will allow foreigners to work in the Emirates without a sponsor.

He said the new residency was “for the most deserving individuals, investors, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and exceptional students, as well as postgraduate and doctoral students,” who announced efforts to stimulate the economy during a press conference.

Holders of the “Green Visa” can bring their parents and children under the age of 25.

The Govt-19 epidemic has affected tourism and the economy Emirates, Is already halfway through the fall in oil prices.

The country has already set up 10-year “gold residences” in 2019 for wealthy investors and highly qualified workers, and the program was extended to November 2020 for experts mobilized against the epidemic.

Like the Emirates, many Gulf states have diverted their economies from oil and relaxed their residency rights.

In June 2019, theSaudi Arabia Announced a permanent residency status of 800,000 riyals (7 187,000) and a one-year renewal permit for 100,000 riyals (, 23,400), allowing foreigners to buy work and real estate without sponsorship.

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Qatar has opened its doors to foreigners with plans to offer long-term or permanent residency status to buyers of real estate or shops.