July 5, 2022

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WHO provides tools to fight cholera epidemic – Parliament


The World Health Organization (WHO) has donated 172 million CFA francs ($ 308,000) worth of equipment and tools to Niger to help the West African nation fight the cholera epidemic that has been raging there for weeks, official sources said on Thursday.

The donation includes specially embraced beds, plastic buckets, maintenance sheets, notebooks, pens and counseling records, lamps, water tanks, and rolls of plastic sheets designed for centers.

These tools should make it possible to strengthen the existing system in all areas affected by this cholera epidemic.

The epidemic spread to Jinder (east), Maradi (central-south) and Doso (west) a few weeks ago and then to Tahuya (center) and Dillaperi (west) and Niamey. As of Tuesday, more than 600 cases had been registered.

Ms. Opin, for her part, ruled “We need to work on a number of fronts, including strengthening surveillance, improving water supply, improving sanitation and hygiene, community mobilization, treatment of diseases and effective fight against cholera and ensuring low mortality with oral cholera vaccines.”

All UN agencies are committed to supporting the response to this epidemic. He wanted to assure Nigerian authorities that the agencies had also been mobilized.

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