September 30, 2022

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WHO – Pollution, contaminants “beat records set by previous peaks”


Number of Govt-19 cases in Africa “Break all records set by previous peaks and increase at a dangerous rate“The World Health Organization (WHO) regional office for Africa was warned on Thursday, July 1st.

«The speed of pollution and the magnitude of the third wave affecting Africa are not the same as we have experienced so far. And the wide spread of the infection is dramatically changing the nature of the threat to AfricaWHO Regional Director for Africa Dr. Matzidiso Moetti said during a virtual press conference. “High prevalence means an increase in severe forms of the disease and high mortality. Therefore, we must act now to strengthen preventive measures and prevent the emergency from turning into a tragedy.He added.

According to the World Health Organization, the number of cases in Africa has grown steadily for six consecutive weeks, including a 25% increase from a total of 202,000 cases in the week ended June 27. The WHO estimates that oxygen demand on the African continent is 50% higher than the peak of the first wave a year ago, as the number of cases and hospitalizations across the continent has increased.

The most highly contagious delta variant, first identified in India, has been reported in 16 African countries, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda and South Africa. “Delta represents 84% ​​of the types in circulation“There have been 41,353 Govt-19 cases reported in the DRC, with 933 deaths since March 2020,” said the director of the DRC’s National Biological Research Institute (INRP) and chairman of the anti-Govt-19 response. Professor Muyambe said. Country.

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«Clinically, our hospitals are overcrowded, corpses are overcrowded, many politicians and university professors are infected with the virus and many have died.», He announced during this virtual WHO-Africa conference. “The evolution of delta variation is of great concern. Pollution is rapid, and if it continues, it will be catastrophic in the DRC“, He warned.