January 18, 2021

When arrested on campus the black alumnus was sprayed with pepper and sent to the SFU for review after the dessert.

The head of Simon Fraser University said the school will inspect the exterior after a black alumnus was sprayed with pepper and tassed Friday when he was arrested on campus.

A Open Report On Sunday, Joy Johnson said the incident “raises important questions about our processes and ethics.”

He acknowledges that the incident was “very sad for many in our community, especially black, tribal or colored people.”

The incident came to light on Friday In a series of tweets Published by Oshob Mohamed, President of the Simon Fraser Student Union.

Mohammed, who did not witness the arrest, said the former student was arrested while trying to buy food in a dining hall on campus.

Mohammed wrote that he was arrested after “numerous conversations about the dangers of expansion and police presence on campus.”

He added: “SFU is a sick company.”

Excerpts from the arrested video were posted on Twitter over the weekend. A security officer can be seen addressing the person, ordering him to leave the building with his food or danger arrest.

A separate section shows a police officer grabbing the person and fighting to handcuff him, and the man and onlookers ask the officer to release the person.

CBC News did not speak directly to witnesses. The arrested person declined to comment over the weekend.

Johnson noted that the incident had “multiple layers” and that the school would not provide a public explanation of the events in order to protect the privacy of those involved.

He said the school would reach out to black teachers, staff and students for input for review. The recommendations will be shared with the SFU community, Johnson said.

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Has been reviewed

Burnaby RCMP Graham Delegorkondier said the officer’s supervisor was considering the incident.

The RCMP said it was called by the BST campus on Friday night at 9pm to help a person who refused to leave the campus dining hall.

The campus security RCMP said the person was not a student and refused to leave, in violation of school safety rules during outbreaks.

Access to the buildings is said to be available only to SFU community members who provide school ID SFU’s website.

“For security purposes there will be uniform security guards to check SFU ID and registration access,” the website says.

According to An RCMP report, An officer approached a man who was “screaming around several campus security guards” and tried to escalate the situation.

“The police officer spent several minutes with the crisis intervention and repeated requests using word-of-mouth techniques, telling the person to leave the scene,” the statement said.

When the man refused to comply, a police officer said he had caused a disturbance to the arrested person.

“When they tried to take the man into custody, the man took the officer by the hand and there was a physical argument. The officer used oleoresin capsicum spray (pepper spray).”

Police allege that the man held the officer in a chokehold.

The man was taken to hospital for what police said were minor injuries. He was later arrested under the Mental Health Act.

The RCMP suggests allegations of causing a disturbance and assaulting a peace officer.

P.C. Harsha Walia, president of the Civil Liberties Association, said on Monday the group was outraged and worried about being arrested.

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Based on the accounts, Walia said the students were “specified and targeted and more force was used against him.”