What happened to an asteroid on election day?

In August, scientists alerted us to the fact that a flying alien object was heading straight towards Earth, with a possible impact on the planet on Election Day.

To illustrate, the asteroid 2018 VP1 is only 7 feet in diameter, and it has one in 250 chances to reach Earth.

Even if you do make it to Earth, it will likely not survive, as it is, all the way to the effect. According to Michael Narlock, Head of astronomy at the Cranbrook Institute of Science, it will likely break up and turn into a thunderbolt. We had one of these in January 2018.

Actually Bollywood 2018 in Michigan Registered as an earthquake Of some kind, he was probably responsible for a Wayne County fire. But it didn’t cause any major damage.

Anyway, it’s Election Day – where’s the asteroid?

The asteroid appears to have flown close to Earth, survived and persisted.

Planetary astronomer Michael Bush He tweeted an update on Monday on VP1 2018, stating that “there was apparently nothing in the infrasound and atmospheric flash screens today.”

“As expected, the 2018 VP1 has surpassed the Earth,” Bush said.

There’s also no report of Thunderbolt anywhere, so it’s likely that the 2018 VP1 is zipping through space, alone. Watch out, Venus!

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