February 27, 2021

WestJet re-introduces Boeing 737 Max commercial aircraft in Canada

Calgary – Boeing 737 Max flies in the air again.

WestJet became the first Canadian airline to operate commercial aircraft using aircraft after a global landing in 2019 following two catastrophic accidents.

The first flight took off from Calgary International Airport just before 8am on Thursday.

In October 2018, Indonesia’s Lion Air collided with the Java Sea. Within five months, in March 2019, an Ethiopian Airlines jet crashed, prompting a global shutdown of jets. In those two crashes, 346 passengers and crew were killed.

The researchers determined that the cause of the malfunction was a faulty sensor system.

On Wednesday, Transport Canada lifted the ban on the 737 Max after approving several changes to the aircraft’s design, allowing pilots to disable the alarm system that is central to accidents.

Max pilots must receive additional training in aircraft simulators before operating an aircraft in Canadian airspace.

WestJet said earlier this month that it intends to offer flexibility to its change and cancellation policies to customers who are reluctant to fly on the Max.

On Thursday the flight landed in Vancouver at 9:30 a.m. MT. WestJet will hold a press conference soon.

The event is part of a campaign to reintroduce the Max service while reassuring the public that aircraft safety issues have been resolved.

Air Canada is expected to follow suit on February 1.

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