August 12, 2022

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We are continuing efforts to reopen Kabul Airport

AA / Doha

Qatar’s ambassador to Afghanistan Saeed bin Mubarak said on Saturday that his country was making efforts to resume operations at Kabul International Airport.

This was revealed by a report released by the Al-Jazeera news channel when a Qatari plane with 15 tons of food and humanitarian aid crashed at Darshala at Kabul airport.

Al-Qa’eda’s spokesman said, “A Qatari team arrived in Afghanistan five days ago to maintain humanitarian headquarters and aid to Kabul airport.”

He added: “Today (Saturday), two domestic flights were delivered between Kabul Airport and Mazar-i-Sharif (north) and Kandahar (south) and international flights will be operated soon”.

Qatar’s Foreign Minister’s Ambassador Mutlaq al-Qahtani arrived at Kabul Airport on Friday on a Qatari flight with technicians to resume operations at the Afghanistan airport.

In a statement to the Al-Ghazni Al-Jazeera satellite channel, he said, “Qatar’s efforts are mainly focused on the security of air navigation in Afghanistan.

On August 15, the Taliban announced the capture of the capital, Kabul, in parallel with the start of the last phase of US military withdrawal, which ended late August, forcing President Afghanistan to flee Ashraf Ghani. Country.

* Translated by Mounir Bennur from Arabic.

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