September 30, 2022

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Variation Delta – Catalonia takes strong measures to control exceptional recurrence of the disease

The increase in indicators from the onset of corona virus infection did not occur suddenly in Catalonia in early July. The situation in Barcelona is very worrying.

Catalonia has been worried for a few days. The gradual end of the control measures has brought back all the violations of previous life to the region, especially Barcelona. Large parties and mass tourism have been added as a result of the delta variation (which is becoming the majority these days) and the Catalan capital has become the center of a new wave of fear that everyone in Spain fears.

Officers facing “out of control” situations are asked to act. The Catalan government said on Monday that it would take steps to prevent the spread of the virus.

Concrete and surgical operations

Laura Villagra, regional president’s Catalan adviser, pointed out on TV3 that the government was preparing new regulations through “surgical and concrete measures” that would be discussed with vulnerable sectors.

However, it did not disclose the content of the activities except for anything. “Everything is under consideration,” the Catalan minister continued, but “I will not advance or speculate on anything until we have determined the actions we can take.

Unknown youths throw counters

The party’s youth and economy stand alone. Among young people, there is a “low sense of risk” while Laura Vilacre stressed that “the epidemic is not over”.

But if young people are at least vaccinated, the responsibility lies especially with the Catalan authorities because the younger people are the last to be vaccinated. Thus, on June 10, the vaccine was opened to adults aged 40 to 44 … Five days later it was open to everyone over the age of 12 in France. It was on June 28 that the Catalan government finally responded to vaccinating 16-29 year olds …

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If this were possible now, it would not prevent these new waves of impressive data. Since last year, Spain has adopted a new indicator in France that combines multiple data and is known as the “risk of regeneration”. At 200 points, the risk of relapse is considered to be severe or very severe. He is currently at 1,451 points in Barcelona … an unprecedented increase since the outbreak began.

Up to difficult imprisonment?

Rather than new contaminants, increasing hospital admissions and the intense attention of the younger public are a concern for Catalonia. Will she go so far as to pronounce a difficult imprisonment to protect herself from Delta diversity? Facing the urgency of the situation, the results will fall very quickly even if the curfew order is not allowed to go up in the absence of an emergency. But the nightlife and restaurant scene can be affected first.