September 30, 2022

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Unquinimi océan reconcile with the National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Society (NGS) on the official website of the National Geographic Society (NGS) is located on the site, located in the South of Australia and appeals to Australians.

The Australian Australians have a family of Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Arctic friends. This is an online consultation with the organization scientist but non-local chart of cartographers and other espaces terrestris and maritimes, but it also reconnects with the organization hydrographique international (OHI).

O L’Océn Austral été reconnect with scientifiques in longtemps, but at parce qu’il avait pas un consensus international, we ne l’vons jamais reconne », Dclar Alex Tait, geography at NGS.

This reconnaissance aura has a great impact on education, it’s on Tait’s site web site on NGS, it’s the most accessible information on the monochromatic à travelers quiz’s quotient. If you want to become an Occidental Australian, you need to learn more about his specialties and his importance.

Cet ocan abrite des écozystèmes marins «uniques and fragiles» and a «vie marine merveilleuse» like balloons, pingouins and more phoques, pour part, Enric Sala, search N on NGS, my site site .

Il rgii et dafini par un courant dit «circumpolaire antarctique», conservato like more intense au monde, a son ct de, Sylvia Earle, biologiste marine dans une declaration e e mail in NGS.

Sagissant des «frontières la, the limited northeastern Australians varie entre 50 and 62 deg latitude Sud. 60 latitude sud is an approximation of the limited ecological septentrionale in l’ocan Australians, which utilizes par l’Agence amicrain d’Observation and Atmospheric (NOAA) aux ts-Unis and on a plurality of layers.

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The eaux au seu du «Courant circumpolaire antarctique» sont plus froides et moines sal ques eaux oééaniques au nord, da prasès NGS.