July 5, 2022

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Uganda: Controversy over cars delivered during Govt-19

Last week, Uganda offered its MPs the equivalent of about 25 million euros to buy cars, which caused a stir in the country where the Govt-19 crisis is severely affecting people.

Each 529 seats 200 million Ugandan shillings or approx 48 000 euros. On June 18, encountered Record contaminants, President Yoweri Museveni Announced the suspension of the trip School closures, Churches and Bars, For at least six weeks.

“It is unacceptable that a government buys luxury goods from a small group of parliamentarians, who regularly receive a monthly salary of more than 30 million shillings when they cannot afford to eat.”Says director Annette Nana NamataUnion of Human Rights Defenders In Uganda. Small incomes, which the majority of people care about, are often spread 100 000 Shilling Per (24 euros) Manual worker And 280,000 shillings (64 euros) a Author.

To Moses Izuba, President of the Ugandan National Voluntary Forum, a “Moral Bankruptcy” In the state, the amount issued is a Donate about 20 euros For more than 500,000 vulnerable people. “It is a shame that the government is inviting private citizens to help buy the Govt-19 vaccine.”, He told the AFP.

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Faced anger on Social Websites And inside Media, Government spokesman Afvono Obondo supported the decision, insisting the presence of MPs “Right to Transport”, Evokes a long-standing tradition. “It’s about facilitating their engagement with the electorate. In all cases, civil society organizations have participated in the budget process and have long known that MPs will get paid to buy cars.”, He added.

In 2018, the Discount Of this Allocation Provoked anger. From Demonstrators He stormed Parliament before being disbanded by police. The ‘Uganda, With a population of 45 million, has so far officially reported 91,710 cases Govit-19A total of about 1.5 million trials, including 2,496 deaths.

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The country, which launched its vaccination campaign in March, is currently recording slightly moreOne million vaccines, Four million target by the end of the year.