July 5, 2022

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TUNISIA – Noufel Saeed understands the key word of Biden’s message to his brother Kass!

The president’s brother, Noufal Saeed, captured the key word of the message sent by the US president to his brother. Gos Saeed. And he took the opportunity before his brother, which would save him valuable time and give him some rest, i.e. the situation in Afghanistan.

Noufel Saeed was able to identify with the message of the American authorities, which was the key word that strengthened his brother in his action, and the United States noted the popular interest of the Tunisian people following the decisions he made on July 25th.

Noufel Saeed understood that the only way to counter the excessive propaganda by Islamists at the White House was to show the US leadership that the action taken by Kayes Saeed was gaining the support of almost all Tunisians. Thousands of ardent supportersஎன்னடா. He understood that it was important to show the Americans and the world that the Tunisian supports the Gazette, and he was released on July 25 from a saving operation.

Because Nouveau S சd understood that Americans needed to keep their word and become their own propaganda language against them. So, when Biden says he cares about the will of the people in a given country, show it to him, the will of the Tunisian people!

With this in mind Na Felsaid asked all Tunisians today to start the hashtag # Kaïs Saïed_you is not alone! #, An American way of getting support from the Tunisian people for its president, and the desire to know him!

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