Trump shrinks Arizona’s gap to 30,000 votes, with 173,000 still counted

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs announced Friday night that 173,000 ballot papers remained to be counted in Arizona after President Trump narrowed Democratic rival Joe Biden. Lead in the swing state To less than 30,000 votes.

Among the uncounted votes, Hobbes said in an interview with CNN, 47,000 personal ballot papers will not be reviewed until Wednesday, which could prolong uncertainty about the election outcome.

Trump trimmed Biden’s advantage in Arizona by nearly 7,000 votes – reducing his deficit to 29,861 – late Friday when Maricopa County officials unveiled the results of about 69,000 additional absentee ballots.

Of the 173,000 ballots remaining, there are about 126,000 non-temporary ballots, Hobbes said, the majority of those, 92,000, are from Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix.

The Trump campaign insists the president can win in Arizona, which he held in 2016. But the Associated Press and Fox News He declared the state to Biden Election night and standing by the projection, although its progress has diminished.

Hobbes, a Democrat, told CNN that the remaining non-provisional votes should count “tomorrow if not Sunday,” but that the provisional ballot may delay determining the winner of the state’s 11 votes.

“We cannot count [provisional ballots] Until Tuesday, because the provinces have five working days to solve this problem. “[There are] We will count 47,000 provisional ballot papers on Wednesday, and it won’t end up counting them all. “

Hobbes said that temporary ballots are made in person at polling booths, but are not included in the initial count for a variety of issues, including a person not presenting a valid ID or voting in the wrong place. She said that if an incorrect ID is shown, voters must return the appropriate documents.

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“Temporary ballot papers tend to skew Democrats … if you look at Arizona’s history,” Hobbes said. “[But] Nothing went as far as voting patterns as we had seen in the past. “

The promising news for Trump came in Arizona as Biden advanced further in other swing states still unresolved such as Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Biden is now driving 27,174 votes In Pennsylvania, 22,657 votes are in Nevada and 4,020 votes in Georgia. If these leaderships hold up, Trump may win in Arizona and lose re-election.

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