Trump plans to declare victory if he takes command of election night: Axios

President TrumpDONALD JON TRUMPBALL: Trump leads Biden by 7 points in the Iowa campaign. Biden cancels an event in Texas After pro-Trump cars surrounded their bus, Obama shot three pointers while campaigning for Biden. Tell those in its orbit that he intends to declare victory prematurely on election night if the early returns are favorable to him despite the number of unaccounted votes that may lead to a loss, Axios reported Sunday.

The post stated that the president discussed the plan in detail with close people.

Tuesday evening, early counting in the pivotal state of Pennsylvania is expected to be in favor of the president due to state laws prohibiting mail counting before Election Day. However, the ongoing count is expected to narrow the margin between Trump and the Democratic candidate Joe BidenJoe Bidenbull: Trump leads Biden by 7 points in Iowa campaign. Biden cancels an event in Texas After pro-Trump cars surrounded their bus, Obama shot a triple pointer during Biden’s campaign., Which tops most polls in the state.

Cathy Bukfar (Democrat), who leads the Pennsylvania State Department, said the Commonwealth expects a full count to take days due to the high volume of mail-in ballots this year, ten times more than those cast in 2016.

“I expect the vast majority of votes in Pennsylvania, those made by mail and absentee ballots, as well as in-person polls, will be counted in a matter of days,” Bookfar said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Although Trump’s path to victory may likely require a victory in Pennsylvania, the Allies say he will also need to win or advance dramatically in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas on Tuesday.

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The president’s team is also ready to present mail counted ballots after November 3 as illegal, according to Axios, although it is not unusual for states to take several days or weeks to count the votes and certify the results.

Most polls indicated that personal votes on Election Day would favor the President while the mail vote would favor Biden.

The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in several battlefield states seeking to cancel votes received after Election Day, even if they were sealed before November 3. The Supreme Court ruled last week in separate cases that Pennsylvania and North Carolina could extend deadlines for receiving mailed ballots by Election Day, but said ballots must be received in Wisconsin by November 3.

Jason Miller, a senior Trump campaign adviser, suggested Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that Democrats would try to “steal after the election.”

Trump’s campaign communications director, Tim Murtaugh, told the Axios website that the report “is nothing but people trying to cast doubts about Trump’s victory. When he does win, he will say so.”

Hill reached the Trump campaign for comment.

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