Trump, Pennsylvania’s electoral lawsuit alleges fraud in two counties

  • The Trump campaign’s major new lawsuit in Pennsylvania alleges that voter fraud occurred in only two counties.
  • Both counties, Fayette and Lucerne, voted for President Donald Trump.
  • News articles cited in the lawsuit to reinforce its claim that local officials were handling irregularities before Election Day.
  • The lawsuit also provides no basis for the type of widespread voter fraud that Trump has repeatedly claimed without any evidence.
  • Trump and other Republicans have filed more than a dozen lawsuits to contest the 2020 election. Their main effort is in Pennsylvania, which has given President-elect Joe Biden enough electoral votes to win the race.
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On Monday, the Trump campaign raised 85-page lawsuit Asking a federal judge to prevent the Pennsylvania Secretary of State from certifying the presidential election results.

The lawsuit seeks to prevent President-elect Joe Biden from formally receiving the state’s 20 electoral votes, which would reduce his total vote count but is unlikely to reflect the election outcome.

The lawsuit made several allegations of irregularities in the method of counting the votes, citing unnamed polling observers. It also accuses Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Buckfar of giving improper directions to election officials to process ballots by mail.

However, the submission refers to only two specific cases of possible voter fraud. The Adam Classfield Report on Law and Crime.

Either way is in the counties that voted hard for Trump.

If pings are dropped in those areas, they can Widening the gap of 45,000 votes (and counting) Between Trump and Biden in the state.

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As the news articles cited in the lawsuit indicated, the authorities had already addressed the cases that opened the door to voter fraud well before Election Day. The lawsuits do not provide any evidence of the kind of widespread fraud that Trump has claimed repeatedly.

People attend an election rally organized by US President Donald Trump at Keith House in Washington in Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA, October 31, 2020. Reuters / Carlos Barria

Trump rally in Newtown, Pennsylvania, on October 31.

Carlos Baria / Reuters

  • The lawsuit alleges that in Fayette County, some voters received two papers by mail, while some received ballot papers that had already been filled out. Lawyers representing the Trump campaign argue that both cases could lead to voter fraud.

    It cites two local news articles from October to support the allegations. One of the articles, On Duplicate Ballot Cards, reports that the District Election Board has already solved the problem. Contemporary Reports About pre-filled ballots in the county, they say election officials were already addressing this issue as well.

    President Donald Trump won nearly 67% of the vote in Fayette County, Based on DDHQ data published by Insider.

  • In Lucerne County, the lawsuit indicates a temporary seasonal election factor Nine military ballot papers were expelled That was in unmarked envelopes. It is not clear whether those cards It was for the primary or general elections.

    To file the claim, the lawsuit cites A. Local news article from September. The same article notes that the accident was under investigation and the county had already changed its rules to prevent similar problems in the future.

    About 57% of county voters voted for Trump, Based on DDHQ data published by Insider.

The lawsuit also does not cite Lucerne County or Fayette County as defendants in the lawsuit, but does go after the election boards of Allegheny County, Center, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Northampton and Philadelphia – all based on anonymous ballot observers alleging wrongdoing. Voters in all of those counties preferred Biden over Trump, According to the data of DDHQ.

In arguing that voter fraud in general is a huge risk in Pennsylvania, lawyers cite only three cases in the entire state’s 21-year period. According to election experts, voter fraud is extremely rare. a A 2020 analysis from the Right-wing Heritage Foundation I found this just about Six out of every 10 million votes cast result in any type of criminal conviction.

Richard Briffault, a professor at Columbia Law School who studies electoral lawsuits, told Insider that the lawsuit’s arguments over problems with how to process ballot papers in the mail “are meaningless.”

“In fact, they say mailed ballots are unconstitutional, which is absurd,” Briffault said. “In any case, any appeals to ballot procedures mailed to the Palestinian Authority could have been lodged in the records prior to Election Day (and were not imposed by the court) prior to the elections, and therefore should be rejected for this reason alone.”

The new Pennsylvania suit is one of the More than a dozen lawsuits The Trump campaign and other Republicans have advanced across the country seeking to undermine the results of the 2020 election. Pennsylvania, in particular, is important because its 20th electoral vote secured Biden a victory.

But even if the highly unlikely happens and Biden’s electoral votes are not certified in Pennsylvania because of this lawsuit, Trump still needs to win Arizona, Georgia and Alaska to secure the necessary 270 electoral votes. The incumbent is expected to win only Alaska and its three electoral votes; Biden is in the lead in the other two countries and has not yet been contacted.

Trump’s campaign as well She is seeking to join the Supreme Court case On the validity of ballot papers by mail that arrived at ballot processing centers after Election Day. In all cases where Trump and the other Republicans have joined the state, it is It’s unlikely there will be enough ballots to beat Biden’s margin of 45,000 votes in the state.

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