Torres and Jones Wayne, will become the first black gay members of Congress

Assuming that Some researchers do, That gay, bisexual, or transgender Americans account for 4.5 percent of the population, and that black Americans represent 12 percent of the LGBTQ community, Congress would need three members of the Black LBGTQ to reflect the demographics of the nation.

Other researchers believe that 10 percent of the American population is LGBTQ, thanks to the increasing self-identification among younger Americans and Americans of color. If true, six members of Congress who are openly gay and black would more accurately reflect the broader population, according to Andrew Reynolds, a professor in Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs.

Either way, Professor Reynolds said that the victories of Mr. Torres and Mr. Jones represent “an important moment of psychological change in who we feel is electable as a politician.”

Mr. Torres agreed. “Historically, Gay Incorporated has been dominated by white gay men,” he said. “So Mondere’s victories and I represent progress not only outside the LGBTQ community, but also from within.”

Researchers and LGBTQ advocates see further evidence that Americans have come a long way since Tami Baldwin became the first openly gay person elected to Congress in 1998. Earlier, members had dropped out – or were excluded – while in office.

Congress now has nine LGBTQ members. Mr. Magne said seven were white, one was of Asian descent and the other was Native American.

The openness of American voters to gay and bisexual politicians now also extends to people of color, as evidenced by the election of Lori Lightfoot, a black and gay, to the office of Chicago mayor The election of Cheris Davids first Gay Native Americans were elected to Congress and the victories of Mr. Torres and Mr. Jones.

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“With their victories, we will now have a more inclusive Congress,” said Alfonso B. David, president of the Human Rights Campaign. “We will have a Congress that is more reflective of the diversity of our society, and we will have a Congress that protects all our interests.”

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