September 30, 2022

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This dog saved a dove from drowning

Drowning dogBuzz – This is an incredible story. A dog that saves an animal from drowning. Ralph Dorn, 62, a former Marine Corps pilot in Culber, Virginia, suddenly threw his dog into a river and came back to the aid of an animal in distress, people said Tuesday. This 6 year old dog loves to go to the lake behind his owners’ house and play and swim there. When Ralph Dorn sees him, he will always find him. This is what happened that day. He picked up the 60-year-old Harley from the side of the lake and then saw her in about two hundred feet of water from the shore. The dog was swimming with a very small animal. It’s a pig. The Golden Doodle was able to take the animal to dry land. Ralph Dorn helped little Doe up to the ledge and put him on the grass to recover from his accident.

« I don’t know how the pig ended up [dans l’eau], But Harley apparently did not ask himself any questions, he took action», Says its owner. The next day, while the retiree was having breakfast, the dog seemed a little annoyed. ” Harley was restless and he was running from window to window. I opened the door Ralph Dorn continues. The dog is released and runs to the edge of the forest, where he finds young deer. ” The little one stopped screaming and started wagging his tail. They nodded and nodded, and Harley quietly came home with me. At the end of the day, the pig and its mother left and then did not return.

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