The Vatican is investigating how Pope Francis’ Instagram account liked the bikini model

The Vatican is investigating how the official Pope Francis’ Instagram account “liked” a photo of a model dressed as a schoolgirl.

A Vatican spokesperson told NBC News on Friday that it is seeking answers from the popular social media app.

“We are studying what happened with the help of the dedicated Instagram office,” said Matteo Bruni, director of the Vatican Press office.

A team manages the Pope’s social media accounts, but the Vatican believes the “liking” came from an outside source.

In the Instagram photo of Natalia Gaributo on October 6, the model can be seen wearing a school girl-inspired costume and high white socks with suspenders.

It was unclear when the Pope’s official account gave his blessing to the model, but “liking” was visible on November 13 before it was disqualified the next day. Catholic News Agency mentioned.

COY Co, the Garibotto management company, wasted no time seizing the opportunity to promote the model on social media.

“COY has received official Pope’s blessing,” the company said on Instagram on November 13.

As of Friday morning, Pope Francis is not following anyone on his famous Instagram account, which has over 7.4 million followers.

Gaributo, who has 2.4 million followers on Instagram, is proud to endorse it.

“At least I’m going to heaven,” the model joked on Twitter.

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