July 5, 2022

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The U.S. official says Hubbard’s political future will be decided only by the Libyans

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US Assistant Secretary of State for the East Joey Hood said on Tuesday that the political future of retired General Khalifa Habdar would be decided only by the Libyan people and that Washington was coordinating with its allies, including Turkey, on the crisis. Arab country.

This is evident from an interview with the official Algerian press agency during a two-day (Sunday and Monday) visit to Algiers.

Responding to a question about Washington’s position on Hubbard’s role in Libya, Hood stressed that the future of the latter and the future of other political and military parties in Libya lies only with the Libyan people.

“Therefore, if the Libyan people see Hubbard playing a practical and constructive role, it is up to him to determine his future role.”

Regarding the role of the United States in the current political course, the US official pointed out that his country is working with its allies and allies, including NATO member Turkey, Russia, the European Union and especially the Libyans. , Washington’s top priority is to withdraw foreign powers and end all foreign military intervention.

“The Libyan people can fully regain their sovereignty and allow the government elected in December to decide on the relations it wants to establish with other countries without external pressure,” he added.

Hood stressed Algeria’s role in the Libyan document, which, through the voice of Algeria’s Foreign Minister Ramdn Lamamra, has an opinion on the issue in the region and abroad, highlighting Washington’s ability to work with the Algerian government on the matter.

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Asked about the position of the Joe Biden administration in the Sahara conflict, he said that the US position was clear and that Washington wanted the United Nations to lead a process that would lead to a solution acceptable to all parties who support peace and stability in the region.

“We are dedicating our time and energy to this and are looking forward to appointing a special envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General soon. We are ready to assist a UN Ambassador to begin his work as soon as possible. This will have our full support and the support of our allies,” he explained.

A conflict between Morocco and the “Policario” in the Sahara region has been going on since 1975. It began after the Spanish occupation ended its presence in the region.

The conflict turned into an armed conflict, which lasted until 1991 and ended with the signing of a ceasefire agreement, which saw Gurgaon as a militarized zone.

Rabat asserts his right to the Sahara region and proposes extended autonomy under its sovereignty, while calling for a referendum to determine the fate of the “Policario” region, a program backed by Algeria that welcomes refugees from the region.

On October 30, the UN Security Council decided to extend the UN mandate for a one-year mandate for a referendum on the Sahara region “Minurso” until October 31, 2021.

* Translated by Vejton Jlasi from Arabic

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