July 5, 2022

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The Russians are walking a week to admit to killing three times

Local officials said Tuesday that a Russian man had been marching for nearly a week to confess to police three murders in a remote part of Russia’s Far East.

Due to “Distance“Crime scene and”Inconvenience of transport“, Suspicious”It took a week to walk to the municipality of Okhotsk, where he reported his crimes to the policeRussia’s commission of inquiry said in a statement.

While drinking with a friend, the man collided with two women before shooting at them and shot him.“, According to investigators.

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In August, the facts took place on a deer farm in a large wooded area of ​​the Khabarovsk region, 6,145 km northeast of Moscow.

The person, who was not identified by age and identity, was arrested. A judge will soon rule that he will be remanded in custody.

The police team went to the scene of the murder as part of an investigation into the circumstances of the tragedy.

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