July 5, 2022

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THE PRESIDENT: Russell (PCF) for “balance” against “finance”

THE PRESIDENT: Russell (PCF) for “balance” against “finance”

In a war speech aimed at the “financial oligarchy that dominates political life”, PCF National Secretary Fabian Russell on Saturday called on the 2022 presidential candidate to choose to “free France from funding” and “reserve”.

“We face the choice of civilization, finance or existence, and we choose the existence of man,” the deputy stressed at the Communist Party’s summer universities, in the northeastern Aix-en-Provence.

“Yes, France is financed: it has taken all the power. We want to liberate France and regain control of the economy,” said the Communist candidate, who wants to be the head of power. Fight the high cost of living.

“It is possible to reduce bills, increase wages and pensions, which may be a detail for the rich, but for the majority it means a lot,” he stressed. The pension increased to 1,200 euros or nationalization, especially for the EDF.

And the Communist candidate condemned the doubling of the legacy of 500 great fortunes, especially in the “four years of Macron’s power”, especially thanks to the government’s “40 billion tax gifts.”

Fabian R seszl ஸல்l noted a 30% increase in the salaries of CAC 40 bosses: “No problem, it doesn’t bother anyone. They’re on the ropes first, they’re all shot. , With Bernard Arnold, Pynold, Dassault, Hermes or Trohi, BFMTV, it’s luxurious.

“Well, we don’t want it anymore,” he said, citing Javris to deny that the French were “surfers in companies” and declared themselves “going to jail for the minimum punishment for tax evaders.”

The Communist candidate, who has vowed not to go “to create figures for this election”, has insisted on taking a stand on the security issue that began his presidential campaign.

“Until we put resources in the school, until the swimming pools and museums reopen, without academics, we will not succeed (…) and (Minister of the Interior Gerald) Dormann can appoint all the police officers he wants,” Fabian Russell pleaded.

The issue of drug trafficking was particularly plagued by Marseille, who was campaigned by Fabian Russell so that we would “attack” the big ones of the drug, not the “little young” audience or distributors.

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