July 5, 2022

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The President of Mauritania reiterates his country’s “positive neutrality.”

The President of Mauritania has re-established his country’s “positive neutrality” on the issue of Western Sahara. This allows Mauritania to unite the parties, explained Mohamed Zak Auld El Kasuwani in an interview Weekly Jean Africa.

The head of state said that Nouakchott had accepted this “positive neutrality” to the quality of relations with Morocco and Algeria. Ault El Kasauni thus exemplified the relationship with the kingdom, where he met with the King of Morocco on several occasions and exchanged invitations with him for a mutual visit.

The president defended his regular talks with members of the Policario leadership, who ensured that Mauritania continued to adhere to the same political line since they left the conflict. It refers to the contract August 5, 1979 in Algiers November 14, 1976 between Mauritania and Policario of Gouna Auld Haidella, who was the head of the Military Council for National Salvation, sealing the withdrawal of Nouakchott from the Madrid Accords. “Parties” involved in the Western Sahara controversy.

This is not the first time the President of Mauritania has spoken out in support of this approach. In March 2020, Noted that his government’s position on the Sahara issue “has not changed and will not change, because this is one of the policies of the country’s foreign policy, regardless of the head of the case or the progress.” While recalling Novachod’s recognition of the “Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic” since 1984, he defended his country’s “positive neutrality” against regional disputes.

In a press release on November 7, 2019, his Foreign Minister, Ismail Old Zack, Reiterated his country’s “neutrality” on the issue. “We are active and concerned” but do not support any party due to this conflict.

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