February 27, 2021

The presence of black on the CBC and Canada recognizes Black Historic Month

The CBC celebrates Black History Month Black creators, storytellers and transformation makers throughout February, with extensive programming on all the sites found and discovered on the CBC in one place. Being black in Canada Website.

Highlighting the stories and experiences of Black Canadians throughout the year, being black in Canada provides a breadth of content celebrating the culture and achievements of black communities in Canada, as well as providing a window into their struggles. In February, the site will continue to feature black historical monthly content from all parts of the CBC, including news, documentaries, the arts and music.

Being black in the Canada men’s program

Throughout February, being black in Canada will also provide a series of feature stories that make a difference to black men in their communities.

Follows the footsteps of those who are praised Attempt to block Herstory Recently, the continuing calculation of race has prompted many to change, with black on CBC News and Canada drawing attention to the fact that black people will continue their journey for social justice and are more determined than ever before. Lasting change.

From February 1, these stories will be featured Being black in Canada, New Being Black on Canada Instagram page And Canada with Ginella Massa tonight On the CBC News Network at 8 p.m.

Check out the Black History Month collection at CBC Gem

A Collection of over 50 Canadian and international titles Streaming begins this month at the CBC GEM, including exclusive Canadian premieres of the acclaimed BBC movie Anthony And U.S. sketch comedy Sherman’s Showcase, And documentaries Giants of Africa Masai Ujiri and How it feels free Executive Producer Alicia Keys and Hip Hop: Songs That Rocked America.

  • Sherman’s Showcase (comedy series) * Exclusive Canadian Premier *
    This wonderful, awkward comedy series travels through time through music and clips drawn from the 40-year-old library of a famous (fantasy) music and variety show. The cameos include John Legend, Tiffany Hadith, Mary J. Blizz and many more.

  • Giants of Africa (documentary)
    A behind-the-scenes look at a basketball youth program set up in Africa by Masai Uziri, general manager of the NBA’s Toronto Raptors.

  • How It Feels Free (Documentary) Produced by Executive Alicia Keys.
    Lena Horn, Abe Lincoln, Nina Simon, Diane Carroll, Sicily Tyson and Palm Greer are 5 iconic African American entertainers who have been deeply complicit in upholding the inspiring story and stereotypes of how they challenged and transform themselves into action. As follows.

  • Hip Hop: Songs That Rocked America (Documentary Series)
    From executive producers Ahmir “Questlow” Thompson, Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter, Shaun Kee and Alex Gibney, each chapter of this new documentary series focuses on a song that is important for the evolution of American music and culture.

  • Anthony (pictured) Streaming starts on February 5th
    In July 2005, Anthony Walker was killed by two white racists in an unprovoked attack in Liverpool. He is just 18 years old. Anthony tells the story of how the life of this talented young black man could have changed.

  • 21 Black Futures – The three-part series kicks off on Friday, February 12 at the CBC Gem
    A collection of 21 filmed monotrames from 21 multigenerational black playwrights across the country, directed by 21 black directors and performed by 21 black actors. Coinciding with Black History Month and the 21st anniversary of the Absidian Theater, Art Director Mumbi Tindiyebwa drove, “What is the Future of Blackness?” Appointed 21 black futures to answer the question.

  • Nancy’s Pro Tips: CBC Gmail streaming begins on Friday, February 19th
    Once a month, Nancy Follies closes the doors to her Montreal salon and heads a workshop where young black women are eager to learn how to care for their natural hair. Falice was first featured on the CBC short talk Nancy Workshop, This new four part series shares even more hair care tips from his workshops.

CBC Music Introduces New Shows – The Black and Frequencies

Two new national radio programs, starting in February Prohibition And Frequently, In CBC Music and CBC Listen. These programs will enhance the discovery of black and global music, respectively, and serve a wider range of music interests and communities across Canada.

Provided by Angelin Tette-Vayo, Black is a two-hour weekly radio show that focuses on the music of the black look,]which includes a liquid mosaic of styles. Black is about culture and society, shifting elements of hip hop from its roots to its distant influence. Play on weekends on CBC Music or CBC Liston from February 1st at 7pm.

The music played will reflect the many intersections in black music from diaspora countries; Soka meets Bob (Rihanna), R&P meets reincarnated leaders in hip-hop today (Havia Mighty, Chikka, Clarmond the Second), elite artists capable of performing in many genres (Drake, Beyonce) And with the usual knots for the early influence of funk.

Check often

Frequently, Provided by Errol Nazareth It airs Tuesday evenings, February 2 at 6pm on CBC Music and Listen to the CBC. Creating the design for his famous Toronto radio show Big city, small world, Frequently The musical storytelling of cultures and communities across Canada is not always reflected in the mainstream media. Listeners will listen to music in Canada and around the world, enlivened by the voices of the artists behind the music.

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