July 5, 2022

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The NSO adviser questioned Morocco as to whether the Pegasus was equivalent to a weapon

King Mohammed VI
King Mohammed VI

Moko loudly declares his innocence in the Pegasus affair, and Rabat has also filed a defamation complaint. But Gerard Ararat, a former French ambassador to Washington, a former external adviser to the Israeli company NSO, and producer of Pegasus, is skeptical about the Serbian kingdom, one of the countries accused of targeting 10,000 phone numbers. French President Emmanuel Macron.

Gerard ArroyoRetired, former French ambassador to Washington, Gerard Arrott, was appointed external consultant by the Pegasus manufacturer NSO from September 2019 to September 2020. The latter, with some knowledge of Israeli spy software, is one of the countries accused of targeting 10,000 phone numbers in the Serbian Kingdom, particularly French President Emmanuel Macron. Expressed suspicions using spyware.

“I see that the company is eager to attack, not its customers, but some who have misused the software they have purchased,” Gerrard Arad said in an interview. Paris competition. The NSO sells to states or government agencies, and negotiations take place at the state level. NSO carefully examines the needs of its potential customers: Do these buyers face local crime? Should they fight terrorist movements? For his part, the customer is doing a legitimate job, ”he explained.

The one who sets up the decision-making process, the democratic function of the countries, helps to establish the lists according to their geo-strategic positions. […] And the conditions to be imposed on buyers “” These are the same procedures as for the sale of arms. Also, in Israel, the NSO relies on the Arms Sales Commission because Pegasus software can be compared to a weapon. ”

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Gerrard Arad declared that he was “confused” about the 50,000 phone numbers on the list of targeted and banned stories using Pegasus software on behalf of ten states. What about the spy charges against Morocco? “We have to be careful in appearance. We will be plunged into complete darkness here. Anyone can lie and no one can deny the truth,” the former NSO adviser replied.