July 5, 2022

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The joint prayer of Eid al-Kefir was canceled due to Govt-19


In Mauritania, we celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr this Wednesday. But there will be no public meetings in Nouakchott and interior cities this year as the Govt-19 epidemic worsens. The Mauritanian government has ordered the cancellation of collective prayers in mosques. This decision was made after a meeting with the religious guides, who agreed to pray at home considering their health condition.

With our correspondent in the Nou forest, Salem Majpur

In recent weeks, the country has recorded a sharp increase in pollution cases. Several members of the government, including the Minister of Health and his colleagues for Islamic affairs, met at length with members of the Ulema Association on Sunday afternoon and explained to them the health situation.

« Given the number of patients who are exposed to the practice each day, we already know that the infection has intensified. Obviously, this worries everyone. We understood the explanations given by the Ministers of Islamic Affairs and Health Sheikh Salah, president of the Ulema Association, announced at the end of the meeting.

The flow of patients recently observed in hospitals puts a lot of pressure on the oxygen reserve. But Health Minister CD Jahaf wants to promise. “The increase in the number of patients has led to the strengthening of the oxygen capacity of all hospitals. This will help us to protect the reception of patients,” he explained.

Controlling the infection depends, above all, on prevention. An awareness campaign around preventive gestures, especially wearing masks, was organized across the country on Monday by the Ministry of Health.

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