July 5, 2022

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The government says Chad G5 is withdrawing 600 soldiers from the Sahal force

# In other countries : In February, Chad halved its forces as part of the G5 Sahal jihadist force in the “Three Frontier Zone” on the border of Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso.

“We have reconstituted 600 people on the set in agreement with the G5 Sahal forces. This is a strategic restructuring to better transform the terrorist organization,” Abdaraman Kalamalla said.

A group of 1,200 Sadien soldiers has been fighting in the area since 2017 as part of the G5 Saheel’s multinational forces, a group of Sahelian nations, to fight jihadist groups.

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“We have about 600 soldiers left on the ground. This is a long-term integrated decision with the G5 command. We wanted to light the device, which does not apply,” said Calamalla.

“Compared to the situation on the ground, we have to have a mobile force, so some of our forces with heavy weapons are being withdrawn,” he added.

“Our political will to confront the jihadists remains the same,” the government spokesman continued.

The “Three Borders” area, along with central Mali, was the hardest hit by jihadist attacks. Dead, civilians and soldiers, thousands.

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The last attack, against a village in the area in Niger on Saturday, killed a dozen civilians. On Monday, 37 people were killed in another attack.

France, which has been waging an anti-jihadi movement in the region, recently announced a phased reduction of troops in Sahel in support of a device reduced from 2,500 to 3,000 against the 5,000 or more who had formed the Bargana force. Was to disappear ..

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