July 5, 2022

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The district of a city in southern China has been restricted since the emergence of lawsuits


A district in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou was on Saturday as local authorities tried to increase the number of corona virus cases.

Twenty cases of Govt-19 were reported last week at this industrial center in northern Hong Kong, which has a population of about 15 million.

A statement from the Guangzhou Municipal Health Bureau on Saturday identified five streets in Livan County, the city center, as “high-risk areas” and ordered their residents to be locked up until drug tests. House-to-house activities end.

Markets, schools and entertainment venues in the area are closed.

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Local authorities began a population screening test involving 700,000 people as of Wednesday.

The emergence of cases in Guangzhou has been linked to a 75-year-old woman with a variation that appeared in India, according to local health officials.

The Asian company, the first country to be hit by the epidemic at the end of 2019, has largely had the disease since, but has tightened controls since the outbreak in neighboring countries.

According to the latest figures from the National Health Commission, there are a total of 91,061 cases and 4,636 deaths in China.

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