The Democrat overturns the Colorado Senate seat, which was controlled by the Republican Party

Republican Senator Johnny Ernst and Democrat Teresa Greenfield Getty, AP

Republican Senator Johnny Ernst is in danger of seeing her seat flipped tonight in a race pivotal in the Democrats’ battle to win back the US Senate.

Here’s what you need to know about racing:

Challenger: Democrat Teresa Greenfield

  • Greenfield stopped the brakes on her RV tour on October 28 after members of her campaign staff last week contacted someone who tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, according to her campaign spokesperson Sam Newton.
  • She has a slight edge in racing, according to recent polls By CBS And the QuinnipiacBut it recently dominated the fundraising battle. In the last fiscal quarter, Greenfield raised More than $ 28 million, more money in three months than any Iowa Senate candidate raised in a campaign cycle, compared to the $ 7.2 million earned by Ernest.

Incumbent: Republican Senator Johnny Ernst

  • Ernst He shot to stardom In her 2014 election campaign, she won a seat held by a retired Democrat and a major race against Republicans for control of the Senate.

Why is this race important

Both sides admit that this race is a coin toss. Trump held the state by about 10 points in 2016. But now Ernst – the first woman elected to federal office in Iowa – is in the same boat as many Republican senators who need to convince voters why they deserve a second term, even if Trump doesn’t. . R.

newly spot From the Republican Senate National Committee presents the checks and balances argument for the rejection of democracy Theresa Greenfield, implying that the Senate control would be the last defense against President Biden and the Democratic House of Representatives.

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Ernst exploded on the political stage with her infamous 2014 announcement of “Make Them Scream”, but she may not have done herself any favors in a recent debate. She could not determine the price of the soybeans. It’s not clear that the echo of the moment has passed the headlines, but Republicans are concerned that Greenfield – who talks about his being “Farm kid” – He had a fundraising feature.

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