February 26, 2021

The COVID-19 vaccine is said to be line-jumping at an Ontario hospital

Amid a vaccine shortage in Canada, at least one board member and the family of some managers at the Toronto Area Nursing Home are accused of improperly possessing COVID-19 vaccines for themselves.

One health care association says it needs a nurse to vaccinate at least 10 people who are not in the care home or front-line staff at Villa Leonardo Campin, a non-profit home run by Sienna Sr. Living in Ond.

The union filed complaints against the home on Thursday.

“I hope they got the vaccine because they know someone who is the manager of a long-term care home that has given priority access to the vaccine,” Charles Nero, secretary-general of Workers International North American Native 3000, told CBC News.

The union further asserted that one of the house’s medical staff had left the premises with about five doses of the modern vaccine. [their] For personal use. “

“If these allegations are proven to be true, it is completely unacceptable,” said Dr Samir Sinha, the aging medical director of Sinai Health in Toronto.

“We have a lot of people who are vulnerable to dying from COVID … which means we’re actually wasting measure, we’re actually losing lives.”

The care home says medications are administered to avoid wasting open vials of the vaccine.

Employees of the Villa Leonardo camp wander through a window. A health association says a care nurse should vaccinate at least 10 people. (Evan Mitsui / CBC)

4th explosion at home

The 168-bed house is in its fourth eruption. It has lost 25 residents to COVID-19 since the outbreak began.

The nurse was instructed to record that essential caregivers were vaccinated on paperwork, Nero said.

“He really gave them the opportunity to invite their own family members who were not yet on the priority list for vaccines and who had been vaccinated,” Nero said. “She refused.”

The issue has been raised for both public health Ontario and York Regional Public Health, which now says it is investigating the matter further.

It also says that public health officials will now be on site at the next clinic planned at Villa Leonardo Campin.

The board says the vaccines have expired

A statement from the board chair at Villa Leonardo Campin confirmed that the vaccine was “given to non-frontline staff working or volunteering … including me …” but “all available staff and residents” were vaccinated.

Ikobelli confirms that he received the Moderna vaccine.

“We extended the remaining unused vaccines to staff members’ families and volunteer team members. [who] Mostly at home “.

Igobelli says the rest of the vaccine, which has a limited lifespan, will be “wasted” and thus “the decision was made to prevent this from happening.”

“We took all measures to ensure that team members and residents were vaccinated and encouraged to vaccinate before deciding to give to others.”

Allegations that the vaccines were removed from the home are “being taken very seriously, and we are taking all necessary steps to investigate this matter,” he says.

Once the vial of the vaccine has been punctured, it cannot be moved elsewhere and must be used within six hours, according to York Public Health. The care home said the shots were given to workers who were not in the front row to avoid wasting quantities. (Frank Gunn / The Canadian Press)

However, employees who are not in the front row during the provincial outbreak are usually not even allowed into a home.

His statement did not say if any frontline staff had been vaccinated. It also does not explain how these individuals learned of this opportunity or were at home, being locked up during epidemics, to anyone other than the front line staff and essential visitors. Board members and their families are generally not exempt.

Nero says the union is also concerned about people entering the shelter, which he describes as a serious violation of infection control measures.

“There should be a complete lock-in for visitors. If you have a bad family member who lives in Villa Campin, you can only have one designated essential caregiver who can go inside.

“As a result of these individuals’ personal relationships with senior management at home, they were allowed to jump the queue, ”he said.

Feb. (Evan Mitsui / CBC)

Each of the modern vial vials contains 10 doses, so the maximum waste per vial is usually nine. The union alleges that 15 measurements were improperly used or taken.

York Regional Public Health said in a statement, “Once a bottle is punctured, it cannot be moved from the service area and must be used within six hours.”

The health department said its practice now requires medical first responders to go to a home and receive final-sized vials while the remaining vaccine is available.

It is not clear if this is a new policy, or when this vaccination clinic took place.

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