January 20, 2021

Symbol of Coastal Carolina, explained: What is a Chandigil chicken?

No team has captured the heart and imagination of college football fans in 2020 like Coastal Carolina.

In the fourth season as a Division I FBS team, the Chandigliers reached an 11-0 record under second-year coach Jamie Satwell, winning the Sun Belt co-division championship with Louisiana (they have a 30-27 head win over the Rockin Cajuns, but their championship due to COVID-19 issues The game review was canceled, so Sun Belt considered them co-champions).

However, as incredible as their season is, the question remains:

What is a chandelier?

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This is a question Coast Carolina is ready to answer. In fact, there are many articles on the university’s official site dedicated to that question. Here are the sports news to answer that question. Plus, here’s everything you need to know about the origin and history of the nickname in Chandeliers, Coast and Carolina, and more.

What is a chandelier?

Simply put, a chandelier – pronounced SHON-ti-cleer – is a rooster. In that sense, Coastal Carolina’s nickname is not unique (although it is still unusual). The other three Division I football teams have similar nicknames: South Carolina Camcocks (FBS), Jacksonville State Camcocks (FCS) and Delaware Fight’s Blue Hens (FCS).

Distinguishing the Carolina nickname of Coastal Carolina is its origin: it was inspired by Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”, especially “The Nun Priest Story”. Here is how Chandigler was described in the story:

“His comb was redder than fine coral, and dirt like castle wall, his bill shining like black and jet, and his feet and toes like blue. His nails were whiter than Lily’s, and his feathers were like burnt gold.”

It is a coincidence that the official colors of Coastal Carolina – Deal and Bronze – bear some resemblance to the body description of Saucer Chandigler. It’s no coincidence how it came to be the official nickname of Coastal Carolina.

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Why is Coastal Carolina nicknamed Chandigillers?

The Sacciliers nickname was deliberately chosen for the team in 1963, not only because of Saucer’s “Canterbury Stories”, but also because of his relationship with Coast Carolina’s parent university.

Coastal, a two-year branch campus of the University of South Carolina, chose its name to reflect the nickname Camcock of South Carolina. A coastal Carolina Article Such naming practice “was an important concept in those days.”

Before the name change, the nickname Trojans of coastal Carolina.

Cal F., an English teacher, spent three years in coastal Carolina beginning in 1962. Maddox is the only official authorized to select Chandeliers. University without an athletic department in 1963 – formed a basketball team in 1963 to compete in a regional league, Maddox was selected as coach.

“I’m not a coach, but when (Coast Carolina president) Dick Singleton told me to do this, I accepted,” Maddox Said.

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The English professor chose the nickname Chandigil because it met the criteria of similarity with Camcox of South Carolina and was referred to as a literary person. Per 2002 article From the University of Coast Carolina magazine, Fox felt it was appropriate to assume that his young team would use their ingenuity and teamwork successfully, much like the chandelier from Chaucer’s stories.

According to the article, the team’s players considered other names, including seahorses and sharks, before settling in the Chandiclears. Fox considered whether to hold an official referendum on a new nickname after the end of the first season, but Singleton reportedly advised against it due to the significant nickname media of interest.

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Thus, when the university seceded from South Carolina in 1993 and became an independent public university, the name Chandigler stuck.

What is the symbol of Coastal Carolina?

The symbol of Coastal Carolina is called Sunci – a clear reference to Chaucer.

The group introduced a live logo in 2011 with a cock named Maddox chosen by student voting to honor a person called Coastal Carolina The Chandigliers.