September 30, 2022

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Switzerland begins celebrations of the centenary of its diplomatic presence in Morocco

This year marks the centennial celebrations of its diplomatic presence in Morocco at the Royal Academy in Rabat, Switzerland, the opportunity to review the key moments of bilateral relations and to provide the public with an overview of the activities planned to celebrate this important milestone.

In a keynote address, Mohamed Kettani, President of the Royal Academy, marked the beginning of the 21st century by strengthening Moroccan-Swiss diplomatic relations, a partnership that has been developing continuously for many years. Diplomatic, business, cultural and environmental conditions. Holding the event is the first in a long series of conferences hosted by eminent scholars from both countries, and the Academy of the Kingdom comes within the framework of the desired goal by its founder, the late Hassan II. Make this company a center of knowledge and knowledge, Kettani underlined. It is part of the strategic objectives set by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to draw inspiration from pioneering experiences in the field of culture and development to promote science and culture in Morocco. One of the desires mentioned in Act 19.74 is the contribution of the Royal Academy to the achievement of the intellectual, scientific and cultural renaissance of the Kingdom, while at the same time playing its part in knowing the different aspects of the national identity and in spreading global values. And principles embedded in the dialogue of cultures and civilizations, Kettani added.

Omar Bassi Fehri, Permanent Secretary of the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology, noted that the completion of this year is an opportunity to highlight the many beneficial aspects that characterize a century of excellent relations between the two countries. “The best way to celebrate this centenary is to innovate on a particularly relevant theme, rather than a series of conferences presented throughout the year by eminent professors working in Switzerland,” he said. It could be a question of the role of computers and artificial intelligence, how the Digital Revolution can help cope with the Covid-19, or the cooperation between the countries of the North and the South, especially through the Moroccan-Swiss experience. , To ensure that both partners become a winner, Mr. Bassi Fehri explained that it was a rich project that would give the place the pride of science, innovation and culture.

The Swiss Ambassador to Rabat Guillaume Schreier, for his part, noted that such an anniversary should be celebrated “not out of duty, but with pleasure and pride” because it provides a unique opportunity for both to send out beneficial aspects that countries have been able to gain from these bilateral relations. The Swiss diplomat argued that this would help lay the foundation for future cooperation and plan together for the next century. “We will highlight Swiss and Moroccan inventions through a rotation of seven conferences with the Academy of the Kingdom and Hassan II science and technology promoters of these protectors and promoters of knowledge in Morocco, entitled” Questions of Innovation & the Current Time “. Switzerland, which tops the list of the most innovative countries each year and has the most competitive economic sector, wants to offer attractive solutions to its Moroccan partners, while taking advantage of the Kingdom presence in Africa, Scheer says.

For his part, the ambassador for foreign affairs, Moroccan Political Affairs for African Cooperation and Abroad, General Fouda Yaso, said it provided an opportunity to explore ways to spend these celebrations. At a high pace in cooperation between the two countries. The relationship between Morocco and Switzerland is especially thankful for the peace and listening quality between the two countries. He noted that this anniversary would be an opportunity to further diversify this relationship. In this regard, he understood that the two countries are characterized by their diversity and that this may be due to their strength. These speeches marked key moments in the bilateral relationship between the two countries following a historic conference. The Swiss invention was then welcomed in the presence of RoboClett, who presented Swiss solutions to protect the environment with “Can technology save the world?” Also featured through the exhibition.

The festival introduced the activities planned for 2021 to celebrate this important anniversary. The program of activities consists of a rotation of seven conferences specifically in collaboration with the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology.

The inaugural conference, entitled “Artificial Intelligence, Myths and Realities,” will be hosted on June 24 by Rashid Guerrero, a professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. Other activities with other partners should promote cultural, trade and artistic exchanges and help bring the two countries closer together while promoting their respective strengths. A week of Swiss films and documentaries in Rabat, Tangier, Agadir and Casablanca is planned around themes of renewable energies, sustainable development and new technologies.

The play “Les Physicians” by Swiss playwright Friedrich Durenmat will be staged and performed by a Moroccan troupe, while the Geneva University Exhibition “Allocated Quarter: Pose Beer” will be presented at Villa des Arts in Casablanca. On November 19, 1921, Switzerland opened its first consulate in Casablanca, Morocco, which will be a milestone in relations between the two countries.

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