July 5, 2022

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Spain reopens embassy in Libya after 7 years of closure

AA / Libya

After 7 years of closure due to the war in Libya, the Prime Minister of Spain Point Pedro Sanchez announced on Thursday that the operations of his country’s embassy in Tripoli will resume.

This was revealed by Sanchez, who arrived in Libya today, at a press conference with his Libyan envoy, Abdul Hamid Tibi, in the capital, Tripoli.

“We are proud to celebrate the reopening of our embassy in Tripoli, and the Spanish consulate will begin offering its services, including visa services and travel between the two countries,” Sanchez said.

Without further ado, the Spanish executive said it would “strengthen mobility and cooperation in Spanish-Libyan projects.”

Commenting on the political progress in Libya, Sanchez said: “We want to participate in this phase of economic transformation within the framework of reconstruction and resumption of operations.”

Spanish companies confirm willingness to work in Libya “underlined the Spanish Prime Minister, noting that” an agreement has been signed between the trade chambers and the Libyan and Spanish industries. “

For his part, Debe welcomed the opening of the Spanish Embassy in Tripoli, announcing that the decision was “an indicator of the Kingdom of Spain’s serious desire to improve the level of relations between the two countries.”

“We are pleased to announce that visas will be issued from Libyan territory and Tripoli in a few weeks,” the Libyan prime minister said.

We look forward to taking further positive steps and lifting the embargo on Libyan flights.

Regarding trade cooperation, the Libyan official said: “We have agreed to implement the Mixed Hispano-Libyan Commission, which has not met since 2008, to review previous agreements and renew the most important of them.”

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“We have signed a memorandum of understanding containing important articles in a number of areas and will help support the economy, development, trade and bilateral investment,” Dibeh added.

The Libyan prime minister said the memorandum of understanding was “relevant to higher education, scientific research, practice, health, agriculture and the livestock sector, and vocational training”.

Until 2014, the Madrid embassy closed its doors from Tripoli, before launching its operations from Tunisia, in the context of Operation Fajr Libya (Libyan Dawn), launched at that time to deal with the project. Retired General Khalifa Habdar in western Libya.

* Translated by Majdi Ismail from Arabic

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