July 5, 2022

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South Africa: New unemployment record 34.4%

# In other countries South Africa recorded a new high unemployment rate of 34.4% from April to June, according to official figures released on Tuesday.

Africa’s leading industrial power, whose economy has been hit hard by the Govt-19 epidemic, now has 7.8 million unemployed out of a population of 59 million.

“Unemployment rose to 1.8 percent from 32.6 percent in the first quarter of 2021 and 34.4 percent in the second quarter,” the South African Statistics Institute said in a statement.

Job losses were recorded mainly in the financial, service and industry sectors.

Black women are particularly vulnerable: in the second trimester, 41% of them were unemployed, compared to 8.2% for white women.

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Unemployment generally affects women more than men, with 32.8% of men and 36.8% unemployed.

The official unemployment rate only takes into account the number of people actively seeking employment. If we add the number of unemployed and those who have stopped looking for work, the expanded rate will rise to 44.4% (+1.2 points) of the active population.

South Africa was already in a recession when the corona virus struck in March 2020. The control measures that try to control it have made the economic situation worse.

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By 2020 the economy will have shrunk by 7%. The unemployment rate has been above 20% for at least two decades.

South Africa is officially the most corona-affected country on the continent, with nearly 2.7 million cases and more than 79,500 deaths.

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