September 30, 2022

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Sanchez in favor of self-determination in the Western Sahara … but not in Catalonia

This Wednesday, June 30, the debate in the House of Representatives in Spain focused on Catalonia. The file divides Spanish society, especially after a left-wing coalition executive last week pardoned nine pro-independence leaders jailed in the province. A move that will benefit fleeing politicians, including Carles Puigdemont. At the center of yesterday’s talks in Madrid, a point was made between Sanchez of Puntarenas and Aroganas, the father of the President of Catalonia.

In front of the delegates, the head of government defends the gift given to the “allies” of the Catalan Republican Left, who must ensure his majority until the end of his decree, provoking the “feeling of the 1978 Constitution”.

Pedro Sanchez reiterated throughout the monitoring session that there would be “no referendum” in the region for elected officials from both the right and left. “Those who defend it must trust 3/5 of this room so that Article 2 of the Spanish Constitution can be amended. The Spaniards then approve the change by referendum.”

Right to self-determination: Western Sahara does not have Catalonia

To make it clear to the ruling People’s Party during the organization of the referendum in Catalonia on October 1, 2017 that he “will never accept this type of sliding”. The extremism of Puntarenas Sanchez should be taken with caution, as he opposed any mercy in favor of the imprisoned Catalan leaders in support of the June 2018 audit resolution.

Sanchez’s rejection of the referendum on self – determination in Catalonia contradicts the support of his government and the Spanish government in general for the referendum in Western Sahara. In its plan for the April 28, 2019 legislative elections, the PSOE, of which he is still leading, defended the “self-determination of the people of Western Sahara.” Unidas-Podemos’ partners in government are also there to recognize the “Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR)”. They showed it again when they marched in Madrid on June 14 for “liberation of the Sahara people”.

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PP defends the same purpose as PSOE, even though it has not yet publicly disclosed it. However, when he raised the issue at the UN General Assembly in 2018, Sanchez ignored the issue of “Western Sahara people’s right to self-determination” in his 2019 and 2020 speeches. C is in line with the context of relations with Morocco. Its foreign minister quickly stepped up to the plate last December, denouncing the Trump administration’s recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara.

In the aftermath of the Catalan referendum, Morocco rushed to officially condemn the region’s independence plan. “As the Kingdom of Morocco always respects the principles of international law, it rejects the unilateral process of independence of Catalonia and expresses its connection with the sovereignty, national unity and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Spain,” Nasser Borita said in a statement issued on October 12, 2017.