July 5, 2022

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Sahara: 129 migrants rescued

Sahara settlers
Sahara settlers

The Sahara is currently the main stream of population migration from black Africa to the Maghreb and some of them to Europe. Lahiyun’s security services have, in recent days, carried out a number of rescue operations for candidates for irregular immigration from sub-Saharan Africa.

The first rescue operation by Lashio’s security services was about 75 sub-Saharan, whose boat derailed, saving the lives of 54 candidates for a second illegal immigration. Various security services thwarted two attempts at illegal immigration, which took place 36 km from Bajdur and in the city of Amkriyo (Darbhaya Province), respectively.

In Laun, 79 people from sub-Saharan Africa were arrested for preparing to sail to the Canary Islands. The measures are part of a series of ongoing efforts by the Moroccan Gendermary, the Royal Navy, the Marine Fisheries Commission and local authorities to combat illegal immigration and human trafficking.

The Royal Moroccan Coast Guard, which operates in the Mediterranean, also assisted in the secret migration of 368 candidates, mostly sub-Saharan, between July 20 and 23. The rescued migrants, including 7 women and 3 children, were stranded in 22 inflatable boats, 30 boats and 5 inner tubes.

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