September 30, 2022

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Recognized by international justice, former President Kabagbo returns to C டிte d’Ivoire

Former Ivory President Laurent Cabago is expected to leave his country on Thursday, after his acquittal of crimes against humanity by international justice and a green light in the name of his rival, President Alessandro Otara. “National Reconciliation”.

Laurent Cabaco, 76, has been living since he was acquitted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in January 2019 by a regular flight from Brussels, appealing on March 31. Landing is scheduled for 3:45 pm (local and GMT) in Abidjan.

He will be received at the Presidential Pavilion at the airport, where he is presented by the head of state, his party leaders, the Ivory Popular Front (FBI). There should be several dozen notables.

Following his visit, the former president will travel to the Autobahn district, where his former campaign headquarters for the 2010 presidential election are located, according to the FPI, which invites “party leadership” to come and welcome him. .

Between the airport in the south of Abidjan and the Autobahn in the north, his procession would pass through several neighborhoods, where crowds would gather to cheer him on.

Laurent Cabago’s spokesman Justin Katin Conne told AFP that there were “no restrictions” on government meetings.

Government spokesman Amadu Koulibali on Wednesday confirmed that “if there is any ban, it will be made public.” Laurent Cabago added that “he has a right to everything he owns,” however he suggested that no minister should come to the airport.

“The executive will play its part,” he promised.

The level of the former president’s reception has been at the center of recent negotiations between the government and the REIT: the former wants him to be without “success,” and the latter must become famous by allowing the majority of his supporters to attend Abidjan’s streets.

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Mr. This role is Kabagbo’s defense, but to avoid any overflow and violence that both camps do not want.

Residents began to show their happiness before he arrived. “Tomorrow, there will be only songs, fame,” says a resident of Joboukon, a popular district that is considered pro-Kabago.

– “Sacred Union” –

On the other hand, his opponents believe that he has thrown his country into chaos by denying defeat to Alec Otara in the 2010 presidential election. This denial caused a severe post-election crisis, during which about 3,000 people were killed.

He has been in power since 2000. Kabago was arrested in Abidjan in April 2011 and later transferred to the ICC in The Hague.

Associations of victims of the crisis have condemned the “punishment” and plan to hold a demonstration in Abidjan on Thursday.

His relatives ensure he returns without retaliation, but work for the principle of “national reconciliation”.

Ivory Coast, still plagued by two decades of political-ethnic violence, is assessed by FPI Secretary-General Asova Ado to “find himself.”

“It is in danger of being destabilized by jihadists today,” he added, following the recent attacks on the army that killed four soldiers in the north, on the border with Burkina Faso.

“Before anything else, we must form a sacred union,” said Venus Conan, a pro-government and pro-Otara journalist who wrote this week in an editorial in the pro-government daily Ferdinand Matin. Face the terrorists. ”

Laurent Cabago is serving a 20-year sentence in C டிte d’Ivoire on charges of “robbery” by the Central Bank of West Africa (BCEAO) during the 2010-2011 crisis.

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In announcing his freedom to return to Cte d’Ivoire in early April, Mr. Otara did not mention the sentence, but the government indicated that it would be removed.

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