Pritzker Governor Warns to Ask to Stay Home in Coming Days if Things Don’t Take a Turn – NBC Chicago

Illinois Gov. GB Pritzker warned Thursday that a “mandatory” stay-at-home order is possible “if things do not take a turn in the coming days.”

“Time is running out, and our options are running out,” said Pritzker, who spoke for the first time since the state’s health department issued new directives urging residents to stay at home and work from home whenever possible.

“The numbers don’t lie,” Pritzker said. “If things don’t take a turn in the coming days, we’ll quickly get to the point where some form of compulsory residency application will remain at home. With every part of my being, I don’t want us to get there, but it now seems like that’s where we’re headed.” .

He called on state leaders not to impose state directives and to “anti-masks” who refuse to follow the guidelines.

“What does it take to make this real for you?” Asked. “Do we have to reach a positive rate of 50 percent as we see in Iowa today? Are you waiting for health-care workers to get sick to the point where there aren’t enough staff in the local hospital to cover the next shift? What if your hospitals get too full? So that there is no longer a place for your illness and your content to go? Because I promise you, while you fail to take responsibility in your city and county, that day approaches – and it will be upon you. ”

Illinois health officials It has again reported more than 12,000 confirmed and probable cases of novel coronavirus On Thursday, setting a record for the highest one-day report of new cases for the third consecutive day.

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Illinois Department of Public Health It issued new directives Wednesday Residents are urged to stay home and leave only for “essential activities”.

The guidelines, which come just before the Thanksgiving holiday, recommend that over the next three weeks, “residents stay at home as much as possible, leaving only for essential and essential activities, such as work to do outside the home, COVID-19 screening, visiting the pharmacy, and grocery shopping.” .

IDPH Director Dr. Ngozi Iziki spoke about the latest coronavirus metrics in Illinois.

The guidelines also urge employers to have employees work from home as much as possible during that time period.

“We ask the employers to provide the necessary arrangements for this,” said a statement issued by the ministry. “Our goal is to reduce transmission as we approach the holidays so that businesses and schools remain open.”

In addition, health officials suggest limiting travel and gatherings.

“In our current situation, with the increasing spread of the virus, attending small gatherings that bring together families, or traveling to areas with high levels of positivity, is not recommended and potentially dangerous.” The statement says, “Please, travel only if necessary. Command. “

Likewise, Chicago Give advice to stay home, Which goes into effect on Monday, urges residents to stay home and implement new restrictions on gathering in the city.

Already, all health care districts in Illinois have been under increasing state easing measures, which have resulted in in-house restaurants and bar service closures and limits on crowd sizes.

On Wednesday, three of those areas It entered level 2 of the government’s mitigation plan, Reducing party sizes at outdoor dining tables and further restricting group sizes. Only one other area was actually under these restrictions.

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Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker said that some areas of Illinois have seen more than three times the number of hospitalizations due to the Corona virus than during the first wave of the epidemic, and a group of doctors warned that the state could “exceed the capacity of the ICU bed by Thanksgiving.” .

The state also saw an increase in hospitalization numbers on Thursday, as there are 5,258 residents currently in hospitals due to illnesses similar to the Coronavirus. Of these patients, 956 are currently in intensive care units, and 438 are on ventilators.

All three of the stats are the highest metrics the state has seen in its respective categories since the first peak in COVID-19 cases earlier this year.

“Our growth in new cases is accelerating now,” Pritzker said. “We are seeing the current numbers and future projections worse than what we saw in the spring. We are more trained to respond to this virus now, so we have a large stockpile of PPE, and we have excess capacity already planned by our hospitals, and we have more testing, but that won’t slow down.” The virus spreads. ”

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