July 5, 2022

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Pegasus affair: Israeli defense minister in Paris to “take part”

Penny Kants, Israeli Defense Minister. E.P.A.

Pegasus case, Socket “Very seriously” Following the release of information from the media federation, which was guided by the co-ordination of banned stories and technical support by Amnesty International, the Elysee Palace is now taking a definite diplomatic turn between France and Israel.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Kants will travel to Paris on Wednesday, July 28 “Keeping close” French authorities suspect that Pegasus software was used to spy on Emmanuel Macron, according to recent developments involving the Israeli cybersecurity company NSO.

During his visit, Kants will take part with his rival, Florence Barley “Strategic and Security Issues” Regarding the NSO, the Israeli Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

“The Armed Forces Minister will use this long-planned meeting to find out what knowledge the Israeli government has about the activities of NSO clients and what arrangements have been made – in the future – for a preventive measure. The diversion of these intrusive tools.” Indicated with the entourage of barley. The Israeli parliament has set up a commission to investigate allegations that Pegasus spy software was used “Misuse” By some states to spy on personalities, a senior Israeli official said last Thursday. The tool is theoretically only used to gain intelligence in criminal or terrorist networks.

Allowing infiltration into computer systems, Pegasus software at the center of global espionage corruption is considered an offensive cyber security product, so the AFP recalls that it should get a green light from the Israeli Ministry of Defense-affiliated Military Export Control Agency (DECA) and sell it to third countries as a weapon.

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According to the French media The world And Radio France, the numbers of 14 members of the French government, including Emmanuel Macron and former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, appeared, including the head of diplomacy, Jean-Yves Le Drian “User of spyware Pegasus on the list of numbers selected by the Moroccan security service, for possible theft”.

There are both Rabat and NSO Dismissed these allegations. Many IT professionals have questioned the allegations of the global survey or have challenged the validity of its methodology. Morocco has launched legal action in Paris against banned stories and Amnesty International.

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