July 5, 2022

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Palestinians die of gunshot wounds in the West Bank, h24info

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said on Friday that a Palestinian who was shot dead by the Israeli army in the occupied West Bank was hospitalized.

Imad Ali Mohammed Dwivedi, 38, arrived at Rafidia Hospital in Naples in a “critical condition” where he was “wounded in the chest by live ammunition” in the nearby town of Beta. The ministry said in a statement.

The military says Palestinians burned tires and threw stones and “rioted” Molotov cocktails against Israeli forces.

The latter told the AFP that the army had “retaliated using anti-riot tactics.”

“We know reports that one Palestinian was killed and another was injured,” said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

Hundreds of Palestinians gathered in the afternoon in Beta, where some protesters hurled stones at soldiers, the AFP reporter said.

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As of Friday, about 270 Palestinians had been wounded in clashes with Israeli troops during rallies there, and the Palestinian Red Crescent reported that a Palestinian had been killed the previous day during a funeral on the southwest coast.

July 23, 320 Palestinians wounded in beta, most of them wounded by tear gas, rescuers said. A teenage boy with gunshot wounds died the next day of his injuries.

Residents of Beta have been protesting since May against the establishment near the Israeli colony, which is not recognized by the Hebrew government, hence the so-called “wild”. The Aviator settlement was evacuated in early July, but the site is being guarded by the Israeli military until authorities decide its fate.

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If the Israeli government rules in favor of immigrants, the latter will be allowed to establish themselves more permanently.

Residents in Beta promised to mobilize as long as the army was there.

The West Bank is a Palestinian area occupied by Israel since 1967 and all Israeli settlements there are considered illegal under international law. About 475,000 people now live in Israeli settlements on the West Bank, home to 2.8 million Palestinians.