January 18, 2021

Ontario woman takes revenge on porch robbers

TORONTO – An Ontario woman frustrated by corridor robbers has decided to surprise thieves at her front door and take matters into her own hands.

Over the years, Hamilton resident Larry Pringle has stolen several parcels from his front hall. Pringle lives on a busy city street and she and her neighbors are exhausted after another set is stolen.

“I thought these people should be on Santa’s naughty list. Maybe I thought if I didn’t have coal – I could contribute what I have,” Brinkle said.

That’s when she decided to teach the thieves a lesson.

Brinkle filled an empty Amazon box with used cat litter and placed it on her front door, just like another package she had ordered. It only took 40 minutes for security footage to show a man carrying an evacuated box in his jacket.

He said he wished he had seen his reaction when he opened the package.

“I didn’t come to see it. If I could find a remote camera to put inside – I’d love it,” Brinkle said.

Instead of reporting the theft to the police, Brinkle posted security footage on social media – which earned him praise.

“I think everyone has gone through this and got angry. I think they’re glad to see someone get their happiness,” he said.

FedEx has released a survey of 1,500 Canadians this holiday season, and almost a third of online shoppers say they experienced package theft in 2020, compared to a quarter in 2019. Stolen when delivered.

“At least every month something is stolen,” Brinkle said.

Police are encouraging residents concerned about the theft of their parcels to consider alternative delivery methods.

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Michael Flannery, a spokesman for the Toronto Police Service, said: “We recommend arranging a designated drop area or times for someone to come home to get those packages.”