February 26, 2021

Ontario 847 new COVID-19 cases see increasing vaccine exports

Ontario on Wednesday reported 847 new COVID-19 cases and has now issued nearly 500,000 vaccines.

Health Minister Christine Elliott said 489,484 medicines had been dispensed as of 8pm last night.

However, the province could not release a detailed timeline for its vaccination roll because the supply of shots was unbelievable.

The province knows what age it wants to prioritize, but its provisional schedule is changing which means late deliveries and future delivery levels are not clear.

The CBC News reported Wednesday that Ontario has not reported sensitive data to Canada’s Public Health Service (PHAC), which will provide a clearer picture of how the country is doing its vaccination work. A spokesman for Ontario’s Ministry of Health said the ministry is working with PHAC to provide additional data “in the future.”

The province expects to receive about 157,000 doses of the Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine on Wednesday. It is unclear what exports will look like in the coming weeks.

CBC News Vaccine Tracker Ontario has received a total of 523,675 doses and has vaccinated 1.33 percent of the population.

There are also reports on Wednesday that experts say that changing the dosage guidelines is too soon, with half the doses of the modern vaccine providing a “significant” immune response. The modern vaccine is one of two currently approved options and is used in Canada to combat the spread of COVID-19, of which more than 40 million have been ordered by the federal government.

The province said Wednesday that 10 more people had died with COVID-19.

However, recurrences are now more common than new infections. 1,456 people were rescued from the province in the latest update.

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Meanwhile, the provincial long-term care department saw very few infections. Although there were still explosions in 156 long-term care homes and 92 retirement homes, three residents and eight staff tested positive for COVID-19.

Toronto again saw new epidemics with 257, Peel confirmed 170 new cases and York 131. There is a shelter for these three sections, at least north of North Bay-Barry Sound. 22.

These public health units saw double-digit increases:

  • Thunder Bay District Health Division: 10
  • Ottawa Public Health: 53
  • Durham Regional Health Department: 30
  • Windsor-Essex County Health Division: 44
  • Brand County Health Division: 11
  • Hamilton Public Health Services City: 29
  • Halton Region Public Health: 12
  • Niagara Region Public Health: 10
  • Waterloo Public Health and Emergency Services Area: 18
  • Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health: 12

(Note: All statistics used in this story can be found on or near the COVID-19 Dashboard of the Ministry of Health Daily epidemiological summary. The number of cases in any region may differ from those reported by the local public health department because local units report statistics at different times.)

Toronto, Peel is worried about reopening plans

Earlier on Wednesday, health officials in the Peel region and Toronto expressed concern about the reopening.

In Peel, Dr. Lawrence Lowe said he would like to see an extension of at least two weeks, and called on the province again to put sick workers on paid sick leave to ensure they stay home. Low noted that about 200 confirmed COVID-19 cases in his region are believed to be related to further infections of the corona virus.

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Officially, the province confirmed a further 29 cases of the B117 variant, which were first detected in the UK

Health officials have warned that they expect this variation to dominate the corona virus in the province in the coming months.

In Toronto, Dr. Elaine de Villa said she would like to see how the epidemic will change as corona virus strains spread in the community while schools reopen.

“We need to slow things down,” he told CBC Radio Metro morning.

Health leaders are not alone in their concerns about reopening, and the virus is spreading.

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