September 30, 2022

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On August 31, Joe Biden finalized the return of US troops from Afghanistan

Joe Biden announced Thursday that U.S. troops will leave Afghanistan on August 31. The U.S. President, who initially set the September 11 deadline for the 20th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center, said the U.S. military That is, to fight the terrorist threat, Met and eventually offered to withdraw its forces more than a month later.

He stressed that Afghans must decide their future by recalling the execution of any country that has so far failed to impose its law on Afghanistan. With this decision, the security of US troops is also assured, and Joe Biden turns the page on the twenty-year US military presence in Afghanistan. According to Joe Biden, the United States has achieved its goals by removing Osama bin Laden and eliminating any threat of an offensive on US soil from Afghanistan. Joe Biden firmly believes that a long stay in Afghanistan will do nothing but inflict additional losses on the US military: Twenty years later, a trillion dollars has been spent on equipping and training hundreds of thousands of Afghan soldiers, 2 448 Americans were killed, 20 of them A further 722 people have been injured, and thousands more have returned home with invisible trauma, and I would not send a new generation of Americans to war in Afghanistan without a reasonable hope of achieving a different outcome. “, Did he announce?

Joe Biden also assured that escalating military strikes would not be a possible victory for the Taliban. Not inevitable ยป, The Taliban seizing power is not inevitable, I trust the Afghan army “President reassures US support for Afghans Proceed Despite the withdrawal of troops, it was already 90% complete. The president also spoke directly to US military interpreters, who say they risk retaliation for aiding foreign forces: ” You have a place In the United States, he promised them. About 18,000 Afghans, interpreters, drivers or contractors are waiting to see if they can immigrate to the United States. Usually, these files take years to process.

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On the ground, fighting between Taliban and Afghan forces erupted for the second day in a row in northwestern Afghanistan on Thursday, with the Taliban launching their first offensive against a provincial capital since the start of the last phase of the withdrawal. U.S. troops. The Taliban said on Friday that they controlled 85% of Afghanistan’s territory because they were carrying out an offensive against forces in Kabul, without confirming the source. At a news conference in Moscow, Taliban spokesman Shahabuddin Delaware said 250 people in the country’s 398 districts were now under rebel control. ” All administrations and hospitals continue to operate in the area. We have made sure that they can continue their work “, He added.

He promised that the current withdrawal of US troops would be the result of the Taliban struggle. ” We waged our struggle and won the people by our side “, He maintained it,” The United States was forced to leave our region “According to Shahabuddin Delaware, no agreement with Washington will prevent the rebels from taking over key cities in Kabul-controlled districts, but the Taliban will not” forcibly “take these cities. There are curves of terrain as far as China in the northeast, and earlier this week, thousands of Afghan soldiers took refuge in Tajikistan after fighting with the Taliban, in exchange for their lives against the surrender of their weapons.