July 5, 2022

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NSO’s finance owner disappears – Parliament


The Israeli group at the center of the wiretapping scandal will disband NSO-owned private equity firm Novelpina, AFP learned Wednesday from a source familiar with the matter, confirming media reports. Echo.

“These funds, which hold three partnerships (i.e.) NSO, French labs X. O and Olympic Entertainment Casinos, will be wiped out by a third international manager who will be formally appointed in the coming weeks.”, Refers to a source close to the company quoted in the Economic Daily.

Novelpina Spyware acquires 2019 NSO named Pegasus at the center of global espionage scandal. It would have made it possible to spy on a number of 14 heads of state, including at least 180 journalists, 85 human rights activists or French President Emmanuel Macron – the NSO denies.

The dissolution of Novalpina officially came to an end “Civil War” According to a relative quoted, among London company executives Echoes. Further “Wiretapping scandal may have sounded like many alarms”, The newspaper adds, while the company is under pressure from voluntary charities.

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