NFL scores Week 9: Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs score a ‘B +’ for a wild win, Buccaneers score an ‘F’ at a blast loss

In the first half of the season, Patrick Mahomes Kinda left out from the MVP conversation, but this week that likely will change yet Heads Quarterback almost by itself avoided a surprise attempt before Carolina Panthers During the Kansas City wild win 33-31 on Sunday.

In a game where the Chiefs only rushed 30 yards, they needed everything Mahomes had to offer, and he came across 372 yards lane and four touchdowns, including two to Terek Hill, Which ended up with nine grabs to a distance of 113 yards.

The Chiefs spotted the Panthers advance 3-14 early, but then the Mahomes took over. The first midfield pass in the game came at a distance of one yard, and although a one-yard pass is generally not something worth highlighting, this pass was. In the play, presidents didn’t just send Mahums Suggestion, But he picked up the snap gun while still in motion and then did it …

This is almost unfair. This pass is one yard to Demarchus Robinson He pared Carolina’s lead to 14-13 just before halftime, and after the score felt there was no way Mahomes would allow the Chiefs to lose.

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Although the Carolina attack went toe-to-toe with Kansas City, Mahomes put on a lot of big plays. With the leaders trailing 17-13 in the second half, Mahomes led Kansas City to landing three straight holdings, and suddenly the deficit turned from four points to a 33-24 lead.

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The Chief Mediator threw three touchdown passes in the second half, and one of these was 28 yard passes for a hill in which Mahomes gave 100 touchdown passes for his career, which is remarkable because he made it Fastest player in NFL history to reach 100 professional touchdown passes.

The pass helped Hill Mahomes reach 100 touchdowns in just 40 matches, which overtook Dan Marino’s Record 44 matches withstand 34 years.

The midfielder who won the best player award in 2018 should now be considered the favorite to win it in 2020. In the first eight weeks of the season, Russell Wilson He became the front runner thanks to Seattle’s “Let Russ Cook” decision, but Wilson burned himself in the kitchen for the past three weeks.

There was another quarterback – like Aaron RodgersAnd the Tom Brady And the Josh Allen – who were good, but Mahomes were great. He went to Sunday’s game with 20 touchdowns and one interception per season, which is remarkable because no other midfielder in NFL history has thrown 20 or more touchdowns with one or fewer interceptions in eight matches, and now it’s been added to that. . With nine games, Mahomes was nearly perfect, throwing 2,687 yards and 24 touchdown passes along with that choice.

Mahomes makes no mistakes, and bosses are nearly impossible to beat when he’s not making mistakes, Panthers discovered Sunday.

Okay, so let’s jump into the scores for each game starting in week 9. If you’re looking for a deeper look at the Packers-49ers played Thursday, Be sure to click here.

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Kansas City 33-31 above Carolina

Atlanta 34-27 above Denver

Minnesota 34-20 above Detroit

Houston 27-25 over Jacksonville

New York Giants 23-20 over Washington

The Washington Giants’ scores by Jordan Dajani (Love the scores? Hate the scores? Let him know on Twitter.)

Buffalo 44-34 over Seattle

Seahawks-Bills by Tyler Sullivan (Do you like grades? Hate grades? Let him know on Twitter.)

Tennessee 24-17 over Chicago

Bears-Titans Degrees by Bryan DeArdo (Love Scores? Hate Degrees? Let him know on Twitter.)

Baltimore 24-10 over Indianapolis

Ravens-Colts scores by Josh Edwards (Do you like grades? Hate grades? Let him know on Twitter.)

Las Vegas 31-26 on the Los Angeles Chargers

Pittsburgh 24-19 on Dallas

Steelers-Cowboys degrees Patrick Walker (Love the scores? Hate the scores? Let him know on Twitter.)

Miami 34-31 over Arizona

Dolphins’ Degrees – Cardinals by Jeff Kerr (Love Scores? Hate Scores? Let him know on Twitter.)

New Orleans 3-8 over Tampa Bay

Degrees of Saints-Buccaneers by Cody Benjamin (Love the scores? Hate the grades? Let him know on Twitter.)

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