How’s Siwon Choi Doing On Twitter? (2019-11-10)

Hello! Today we did a very comprehensive analysis of Siwon Choi’s Twitter activity. Let’s jump right into it. First, the simple stuff: as of 2019-11-10, Siwon Choi (@siwonchoi) has 6735656 Twitter followers, is following 41 people, has tweeted 6324 times, has liked 943 tweets, has uploaded 2568 photos and videos and has been on Twitter since March 2010.

Going from top to bottom, their latest tweet, at the time of writing, has 837 replies, 5,095 retweets and 16,100 likes, their second latest tweet has 806 replies, 6,732 reweets and 27,809 likes, their third latest tweet has 19 replies, 186 retweets and 1,230 likes, their fourth latest tweet has 31 replies, 1,609 retweets and 4,607 likes and their fifth latest tweet has 467 replies, 2,608 retweets and 9,672 likes. That gives you an idea of how much activity they usually get.


Going through Siwon Choi’s last couple pages of tweets (and retweets), the one we consider the most popular, having generated a whopping 2446 direct replies at the time of writing, is this:

That looks to have caused quite a bit of discussion, having also had 16659 retweets and 60628 likes.


Now what about Siwon Choi’s least popular tweet in the recent past (again, including retweets)? We believe it’s this one:

That only had 15 direct replies, 189 retweets and 1252 likes.


We did a ton of research into Siwon Choi’s Twitter activity, looking through what people keep saying in response to them, their likes/retweet numbers compared to what they were before, the amount of positive/negative responses and more. We won’t go into that any more, so our verdict is this: we say the online sentiment for Siwon Choi on Twitter right now is just OK.

That’s all for now. Thanks for coming, and write a comment if you disagree with me. Just make sure to keep it civil.

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