Just In: ‘Mark Hamill Shows The Dark Side Of Donald Trump’s ‘Chosen One’ Claim’

Today I found something I’d like to alert all our readers of. A fascinating story submitted to reddit in the last day by the user a_very_nice_username titled Mark Hamill Shows The Dark Side Of Donald Trump’s ‘Chosen One’ Claim is gaining some traction, having got 7 comments already at the time of writing. You can read the initial story (posted by huffingtonpost.com) at this link. This was posted at 2019-08-23 17:54:53 and has an ID of cubpkp. Here are some comments people have already left (you may also comment below – we will publish anything reasonable):

  • “Can we all take a moment off from these depressing politicial figures to appericate what a national treasure Mark Hamill is?“, posted by the user Alec122 at 2019-08-23 17:59:57. We judge this to be a negative comment and one that is subjective.

As this is a topic of great importance to our team here, I am frantically searching for more details and will write a new story as soon as we are finished.

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