Fascinating: ‘Pence: Taxes will ‘skyrocket’ if Dems win’

A crazy story just came across my desk. A fascinating story submitted to reddit in the last day by the user Igotmoresense2 titled Pence: Taxes will ‘skyrocket’ if Dems win is gaining some traction, having got 4 comments already at the time of writing. You can read the initial story (posted by video.foxbusiness.com) at this link. This was posted at 2019-08-24 04:49:25 and has an ID of cujphv. Some comments on this story are as follows (and you can comment here if you have anything to add):

  • “And what happens if trump wins? We have a recession, the deficit increases, trade war intensifies, and we piss off all of our allies. I’m so… (limiting to 140 characters)”, posted by the user Hellfirehello at 2019-08-24 04:50:25. We judge this to be a negative comment and one that is objective.

As this is a story very close to my heart, I am researching more into this right now and will update our readers as soon as we are finished.

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