September 30, 2022

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Morocco Sahara: Fake “Roast” link to AU, a contradiction (IPS)

“What the Organization of African Unity has done by acknowledging an NGO is contrary to the business of the African Union, which is considered to represent a group of sovereign and independent nations,” he told the MAP, entitled “Thinking about the Sahara and promoting innovative solutions” on IPS Wednesday in Tucker. One side of the organized seminar.

Today, the African Union is “not a sovereign or autonomous state, we ask others to manage to understand that this is unreasonable. Cadio argued.

To counter the challenges it faces, “Africa must deal with these issues by disabling members of organizations like Rost, which is basically only due to the support of a few states, especially one country”, (referring to Algeria), he continued.

How “Morocco, which has always had the courage to present solutions, has been able to reach the UN. When a proposed solution was proposed to be serious, credible and realistic, we settled for a long time into a kind of stalemate, the autonomy plan Sahara in this matter ”, asked the former head of Senegal diplomacy, confirming that“ Morocco’s plan is a solid basis for resolving this problem ”.

“Today, as Africa faces various challenges, including terrorism and insecurity, can we continue the political game surrounding the question of the Sahara that has delayed Africa’s progress?”, He said.

“Starting with the solution of the Sahara problem”, we must end all of this, and welcome this kind of meeting that will help elevate African reactions and raise awareness of each other. So they accept their responsibilities for the origin of Africa.

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With a sub-regional dimension, the Dakar seminar brought together experts, political figures and members of West African civil society from Senegal, Cape Verde, C டிte d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali and Mauritania.