July 5, 2022

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Morocco exemplifies good neighbor policy: Supporting a country’s diplomatic incompetence is a sign of majestic clarity [Par Mehdi Hijaouy]

In the 21st century, the concept of land, sea and atmosphere, as defined by the law of nations, undergoes a clear evolution that integrates the digital web and the environment, connected by an invisible and permeable boundary. This suggests that all states, today, are neighbors, including Tristan da Cunha, the world’s most isolated archipelago. According to Bob IFENE, author of “Neighborhood and Good Neighborhood in International Law”: “The concept of good neighborhood from a strict legal perspective extends international neighborhood rights from the border to the entire territory. States. Neighboring regions and even all over the world.” This definition from s is very relevant and straightforward.

The concept of good neighborhood is very clear, but it is still necessary that nations, especially rulers, and those who are inspired by it, at least show common sense, wisdom and especially their concern. In their population. In its preamble, the UN Charter calls on states to “adhere to tolerance and to live in peace in a spirit of good caring for each other.” This is in its article 74:

“Members of the organization recognize that this chapter should be based on the general policy of good neighbors in the social, economic and business spheres, as well as areas in their metropolitan areas. And prosperity in other parts of the world.” Has developed European foreign policy, the main goal of which is to bring the old continent closer to its neighbors.

Thus, within the framework of a good environment, diplomatic relations between states, in any context, must conform to certain abstract principles of international law, i.e., respect for foreign sovereignty, the use of force, and peaceful settlement. Conflicts and Spiritual Cooperation, regardless of the religious or ideological affiliation of the countries involved. Unfortunately, many nations forget themselves, often by mastery or negligence of international law, causing only serious, deliberate or automatic damage to world peace and security.

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Therefore, the time has come for regional and international organizations to apply, and with regard to their constitutional texts, strict sanctions will be imposed on the states without full punishment for violating the principles of international law. A historic royal speech that reflects the wisdom of a better nation confirms the exemplary character of the Sheriff’s Kingdom, which prioritizes and luxuries in terms of good neighbors. Thanks to the wisdom and goodwill of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Moroccan diplomacy is imposing itself internationally on its intensity, its common sense and the relevance of its approach. The Portuguese proverb “a good word extinguishes more fire than a feast of water” applies perfectly to Moroccan diplomacy.

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In his address to the nation on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the throne, King Mohammed VI of Majesty expressed himself with all the clarity and serious wisdom that “Morocco is committed to continue its sincere efforts to ensure its security”. Stability in its African and Euro-Mediterranean environment, especially around the Maghreb. In line with this approach, we renew our genuine call to our brothers in Algeria to work together on the basis of trust, dialogue and the establishment of bilateral relations on the basis of good neighbors. The outstretched hand, unfortunately, was abruptly rejected, total irrationality and since then unfortunately and mainly failed Algerian people, brother and neighbors.

Moreover, how many Algerian citizens have condemned it through social networks, regretting how the people in power have ignored the help of a neighboring force that is going to save them from all misery and all conditions. But the country invited to show good interest must have matured to assess the purpose of such a call, sharing common interests and respecting its obligations, through various texts for regional and global purpose.

In the face of such reactions, utterly immature and childish, our dear King, completely clear and unambiguous, once again to the Algerian people and to the international community in general, Morocco, all acting spontaneously and excelling, a country respects its bilateral and multilateral obligations to humanity, law and tolerance , Taking care, to maintain the respect, peace and security of good neighbors, at the regional, continental and international levels.

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This did not stop it from being confirmed, in particular, the dangerous wildfires in the Kabeel region, in which poor civilians were affected and Morocco, following royal instructions, immediately captured the Algerian authorities and provided them with two waterfalls. Bomber aircraft, specializing in the fight against wildfires, are known as “canadores”. One call, not only was rejected again, but was directly rejected by the authorities, who, as usual, forced its media to direct a propaganda campaign of fake news against the state, blaming who was primarily responsible for inciting these. Lights We have to wait a few days for the same authorities and the same officials who do not comply with the usual diplomatic procedures to decide to sever diplomatic relations with Morocco.

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Always linked with loyalty, principles of respect for the good neighbor and the strong and lasting Arab Maghreb Union, the Sharifian Kingdom, its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and its expression of residency in Morocco. Unilateral Algerian decision and impact on neighboring peoples, effective Maghreb relations “that the Kingdom of Morocco will remain a reliable and loyal partner to the Algerian people and continue to act wisely and responsibly for healthy and development”. “

As Thomas Murner put it, international relations impose a minimum of ethics and respect: “Many lunatics can no longer put out the fires that have set themselves on fire. It is considered prudent to divert public opinion towards the wrong problem.Besides, the fraternal Algerian people have a great maturity not to be deceived by such a regime.

A regime that is clinging to power is suffering more and more failures, based on good governance at the national and regional levels, marked by the end of the activities of Ethiopian diplomatic representation in Algiers. , Along with our country, prevents accusations of supporting the recent wildfire outbreak.

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In an August 26, 2021 interview, the French newspaper Le Figaro, a professor of contemporary Berber and a historian of Arab societies, lets ordinary people understand the absurdity of Algerian at the University of Pantone-Sorbonne: a sentence by regime Vermaerine summarizes all of Morocco’s opposition to Israel, Calls for nationality “. This explains why these bilateral Moroccan-Israeli relations justify real hatred when calling countries like Egypt, Comoros, Tunisia, Djibouti, Mauritania or Libya. Israel is a non-integrated African Union. But in the end, there is no success: the Hebrew State is part of this continental system, as an observer member.

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Another important point: about the conflict between Morocco and the alleged demon of RASD (Policario): What is this Algeria worried about? I have always asked myself the question, but most recently, a scholar with more than 30 years of experience in resolving international conflicts between states, gave me the necessary explanations, which I strongly share with the general public. During a recent discussion in a forum at the digital web level, he did not fail to offer his expertise to the Sahara Moroccan character, the Internet user, and the retired lawyer of the International Court of Justice. A question. I am therefore careful to recreate the words of this International Magistrate, including the unofficial translation into French:

“- In policy and such conflict, the Special Representative for the Sahara and the leader of the Minorzo, the UN are the only parties to this dispute, to speak only with representatives of a dispute and the Sheriff’s Kingdom and Policario.

In my humble opinion, the question of the Moroccan character of the Sahara has already been resolved and has been notified to the United Nations Security Council since December 15, 2020, by US recognition. Not to forget the establishment of nearly thirty diplomatic representations in the southern Moroccan region, the extraordinary recognitions of this Moroccan by nearly a hundred states have been added.

– The Sahara Autonomous Plan has already been unanimously approved by the United Nations, including the non-aligned party, Algeria. “

Morocco has given a constitutional endorsement to the law of autonomy, signaling its specific place in the national legal order and reaffirming that it is a respectable country, with full respect and proper ethics, and international relations to the law.

Mehdi Hijaw is an expert in security, security, intelligence and economic and strategic intelligence. Founder of the Washington Strategic Intelligence Center, Mehdi Hijou holds an MBA in Management from “Influence Strategy, Negotiation and Psychological Warfare” (EGE), Paris and “Risk Management, International Security and Cyber ​​Security” – EGE. , Paris.